Prosecutors: Teenage boy plotted to blow up a man who hurt his older brother

Contrary to reports claiming the brother put the teen up to the crime, the indictment confirms that the boy himself initiated the attempted murder.

Bomb found in Bat Yam. (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
Bomb found in Bat Yam.
A teenager looking to avenge his brother received a bomb from a Ramat Gan criminal and conspired to blow up his brother’s rival, according to an indictment filed on Thursday in Tel Aviv.
In April, the boy, a 14-yearold Bat Yam resident, heard his brother had been injured in a fight involving a few locals.
The boy began looking around for a bomb, the indictment read, eventually finding someone who put him in touch with 29-year-old Shay Shmialov of Ramat Gan.
On April 17, the teenager went to Shmialov’s apartment on Bialik Street and picked up a bag containing a bomb packed with ball bearings. The teen planned to set the bomb at a kiosk belonging to the man who beat up his brother, and a week after picking up the bomb he traveled with an acquaintance to plant the bomb at the kiosk. When they arrived the two ran into the target’s wife, who knows the boy, and they decided to postpone the bombing. A few days later, they decided to stash the bomb on a tree at the Gan Ha’ir park in Bat Yam, where it stayed for a few days before it was found by local teenage boys on May 2, according to the indictment.
The boys notified an adult who called the police, and on Thursday they were presented with an accommodation by police from the Ayalon subdistrict.
One of the boys said he and his friend were walking their dogs in the park when they saw a bag in a tree. He said when they pulled it down a package fell out, and the other kid realized the metal object with the wires sticking out was a bomb.
On Wednesday night, police said the boy’s older brother had put him up to the crime, but on Thursday, the indictment presented in juvenile court read that it was in fact the 14 year old himself who initiated the attempted murder.
The boy was found shortly after the bomb was located, and he led police to Shmialov, who was arrested at his apartment May 21. Police said Wednesday he had turned his apartment into a “bomb-making lab.”
On Thursday, Shmialov was charged with a series of weapons charges including possession and dealing in explosives.