Israel and UK sign agreement promoting English studies in Israel

British Secretary of State for Education says cooperation is example of blossoming relationship between countries

Piron Gove  370 (photo credit: Sasson Tiram)
Piron Gove 370
(photo credit: Sasson Tiram)
Education Minister Shai Piron along with British Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove signed an agreement in the Knesset on Tuesday for increased collaboration in the field of English studies.
“Cooperation will strengthen the relations between the two countries and will contribute to advancing educational systems in Israel and the UK through the sharing of knowledge, teaching methods and learning techniques,” Piron stated.
“I am delighted to sign this agreement, which will greatly contribute to the quality of English education in Israel,” said Gove.
“Broader professionalization of teachers will result in more students graduating with a better understanding of English,” hed continued.
The agreement calls for collaboration between the two countries in the implementation of a national plan developed by the British Council aimed at improving the professionalism and English language skills of hundreds of Israeli teachers.
Details of the plan include participation in joint seminars, development of online tools and support in acquiring English language skills tailored to the 21st century lexicon.
“Educational cooperation is a good example of the blossoming relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom in many fields such as trade, technology, science and education.
“The growing cooperation between the two countries is a testimony to our close relations,” said Gove.