Israeli hacker posts Saudi credit card numbers

In warning to anti-Israel hackers "OxOmer" publishes 100s of details on Pastebin website; actions come in response to 'Saudi hacker.'

Israeli hacker posts on Pastebin 311 (photo credit: Screenshot)
Israeli hacker posts on Pastebin 311
(photo credit: Screenshot)
An Israeli internet hacker published Tuesday night hundreds of credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers belonging to mostly Saudi nationals. The hacker said his actions were a response to an anti-Israel hacker who claimed to be Saudi and who published tens of thousands of Israeli account details last week.
The Israeli hacker, who calls himself "Omer Cohen," or "0xOmer," published the details on the Pastebin website, under the heading of "Free Saudi's credit cards!" [sic].
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He said he would not publish the three-digit card security code that came with the credit cards, adding that his aim was only to warn anti-Israel hackers at this stage, and deter them against future attacks.
The development came after an Israeli hacking group said it possessed thousands of Saudi credit card numbers, and threatened to release them if Israeli online targets were struck again.
On his Twitter account, Cohen posted a link to a media report on the Israeli hacking group, adding, "Israeli pride!"
He also directed expletives at "OxOmar," the hacker who exposed the Israeli credit card numbers.
Last week, Israeli credit card numbers and the Bank of Israel scrambled to quickly disable credit card numbers compromised by the actions of OxOmar.