Journalist Rosen ‘welcomes chance to defend himself’

National Crime Unit refuses to say whether official investigation of numerous complaints has begun.

Emanuel Rosen 370 (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Emanuel Rosen 370
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Journalist Emmanuel Rosen welcomed the chance to defend himself before a formal police investigation, Moshe Ronen, his media adviser said on Sunday.
“We commend the opening of official proceedings, because they will include rules and procedures, as opposed to what there has been up until now, which is simply a trial by media,” Ronen said.
Ronen’s statements came as the media reported on Sunday that the police decided to open an investigation, days after they had announced opening a probe into the allegations that Rosen sexually harassed dozens of women who worked with him during his career in the media.
The LAHAV 433 National Crime Unit refused to confirm on Sunday that an official investigation had begun, only saying that nothing had changed in the status of the case since last week, and that they would issue an official statement if a formal criminal investigation against Rosen began.
A number of complaints have been issued to the police against Rosen since they announced the opening of the probe, and testimony has also been given by former colleagues. Rosen will soon be expected to come in to give his testimony as part of a possible official police inquiry.