Knesset brings 'Democracy Experience' to outlying areas of Israel

Speaker Yuli Edelstein brings on tour the Knesset "Democracy Experience," to Arab school in Acre and Jewish school in Kiryat Ata.

Yuli Edelstein with students in Kiryat Ata. (photo credit: KNESSET SPOKESMAN'S OFFICE)
Yuli Edelstein with students in Kiryat Ata.
The Knesset came to the periphery Sunday, launching a new project to teach democratic values to schoolchildren around the country.
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Knesset Director-General Ronen Plott and several MKs visited an Arab school in Acre and a Jewish school in Kiryat Ata as part of “Connecting to the Knesset.”
The project is meant to bring the tour of the Knesset for children, known as “The Democracy Experience,” to schools around the country, mostly in the periphery, as well as children’s hospitals.
Edelstein said the program will add new meaning to the Knesset as “the people’s House” and have more significant contact with citizens.
According to Edelstein, “it’s important for children to understand the Knesset, the legislative process and its job to supervise and criticize the government’s activities from a young age.”
“We decided to bring the Knesset to new populations,” Plott said. “It is important to us to try to reach every place and teach children about democracy and the Knesset.
We feel the experience will help children understand how significant the Knesset’s work is to everyone and we are sure the children will then want to visit us in the Knesset soon.”
Knesset guides will take the “Knesset-mobile,” which is filled with activity kits for all ages, to schools and hospitals.
Children participating in the project will play a game teaching them to recognize the Knesset speaker, prime minister and officials in the Knesset. In addition, they will play a game of chutes and ladders, in which they will try to pass a bill into law.
They will also watch a video clip in which Edelstein speaks to them.