Lauder urges Channel 10 to move its news op. to J’lem

Station's largest shareholder urges management to "make the necessary effort" to relocate channel from Givatayim.

Lauder 311 (photo credit: Yoav Heldman)
Lauder 311
(photo credit: Yoav Heldman)
Ronald Lauder, the second largest shareholder in Channel 10, has urged the channel to move its news operation to Jerusalem.
In a meeting at his Manhattan office last Friday, Lauder told Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat that he had urged the management of Channel 10 to “make the necessary effort” to relocate News 10, currently in Givatayim, to the city of Jerusalem itself rather than a nearby area. He also pointed out to Barkat, however, Channel 10’s severe budgetary constraints.
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Barkat said he had directed his team to come up with an attractive offer for the relocation – “an offer that Channel 10 would have a hard time turning down.”
Also present at the meeting were Yossi Warshavsky, the CEO of Channel 10, Avi Balashnikov, who represents Lauder in Israel and serves on the boards of Channel 10 and News 10, Michal Grayevsky, a News 10 board member, Yoav Heldman, deputy CEO of Channel 10, and Michal Shalev, Barkat’s chief of staff.