Lupolianski neutral on joining Jerusalem mayoral race

Former Jerusalem Mayor says has come under “heavy pressure” to run again for mayor of the capital.

 Uri Lupolianski 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Uri Lupolianski 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Former Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski – still occupied with court hearings following his July indictment along with 15 others for his alleged involvement in the Holyland affair – said on Monday that he has come under “heavy pressure” to run again for mayor of the capital.
At a press conference at the Yad Sarah NGO (that assists the sick, disabled and elderly) to announce the its home-hospitalization plan, Lupolianski was surrounded by reporters and others more interested in whether he would throw his hat into the race against Mayor Nir Barkat and challenger Moshe Lion.
The former mayor was abroad on Yad Sarah business when an Israeli newspaper recently claimed he was serious about running and hopes that an upcoming court hearing would accept that he was not involved in corruption. Unlike others of those indicted, Lupolianski has not been accused of taking any money for himself.
“I was not connected directly or indirectly to talk of running,” he said. “You know I was mayor of Jerusalem and saw it as a great challenge...
I won’t deny that there are pressures from various factors to run again as mayor, but I am still not in the picture. I am at Yad Sarah and glad I can give service.”
The 62-year-old former Degel Hatorah politician, however, did not rule out running. “I can return. They’re even pressing me, but... there is a time and place.”