Man suspected of beheading wife in Beersheba

A 30-year-old prison guard was detained after allegedly locking his 3 kids in a room and killing wife during domestic dispute.

Police in Hod Hasharon 311 (photo credit: Zaka / Anshil Za'ak)
Police in Hod Hasharon 311
(photo credit: Zaka / Anshil Za'ak)
Police suspect a 30-year-old prison guard of killing and decapitating his wife in their Beersheba home overnight Wednesday.
The decapitated woman was discovered in the Beersheba apartment overnight Wednesday with signs of violence all over her body. According to Army Radio, the woman's husband alerted police of the body in a phone call, saying that he had severely beat her during an argument.
The prison guard was later found, apparently intoxicated, in the neighborhood and detained. The man had place a phone call to his work place earlier, saying he intended to kill himself, according to Army Radio.
The man allegedly locked the couple's three children in a room in the apartment before killing his wife. The children were placed in the custody of social service professionals in the city. Police were investigating the possibility that there was a history of domestic violence in the home.
According to Israel Radio, the prison guard remained intoxicated and was not cooperating with police interrogators.