Men who beat woman sentenced for 11 years

Two Carmiel residents imprisoned for ‘cruel, planned’ act that left victim with broken ribs and spinal damage.

Justice gavel court law book judge 311 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Justice gavel court law book judge 311
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
The Haifa District Court handed down harsh prison sentences to two men from Carmiel convicted of ambushing, severely beating and robbing a woman, who has been left with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
The court sentenced Zur Bakhurashvili, 55, and 33- year-old Vadim Giasov to 13 years in prison, of which 11 will be served behind bars and the rest on probation.
In addition, the court ordered each defendant to pay the complainant NIS 85,000 compensation.
The two defendants were convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime, harm with aggravated intent and armed robbery. The trial was held in closed court, but the panel of judges – Yosef Elron, Moshe Gilad and Avraham Elyakim – allowed the verdict to be published, though a gag order remains on the victim’s details.
According to the indictment, the two defendants planned the attack beforehand, equipping themselves with stocking face masks, gloves and a knife.
On June 20, 2010, they ambushed the complainant at her door, grabbing her, showing her the knife and dragging her into her apartment. Once inside, Bakhurashvili and Giasov brutally beat the woman’s body and face until she lost consciousness. They then stripped off her clothes, stole money and two cellphones from the apartment and fled, leaving the victim bleeding and unconscious.
The complainant was hospitalized with serious injuries, including various broken ribs and fractures, a broken nose and damage to her spine.
In an impact statement to the court, the complainant said she is still experiencing “the fear of death” after the attack, and that she has not yet fully processed the meaning of her injuries or their consequences. Some areas of her face remain numb after the beating, the statement said. The complainant said she is suffering from post-traumatic stress symptoms and is undergoing therapy to help her cope.
The prosecution asked the court to impose lengthy prison terms on both defendants as well as compensation for the complainant, citing the cruelty of the offenses and their impact on the victim.
A lengthy prison term would, the prosecution argued, act as a deterrent as well as serve to exclude the defendants from society for a long time. Following the sentencing arguments hearing, Bakhurashvili expressed remorse for his actions, the court heard.
In passing sentence, the judges said the defendants had not chosen the victim at random, and had attacked her mercilessly even after she begged for her life and offered them money.
The two defendants are “dangerous,” the judges said and had “chosen a criminal way of life.”
“Statements from their lawyers and from the defendants themselves do not indicate that there is a real chance to rehabilitate them,” the judges said. “In light of their violent and cruel behavior, as well as their past, one must consider protecting the public from them.”