Mother indicted for allegedly killing her 3 children

Ahlas Alarga’an tried to kill fourth child, then attempts suicide twice; reasons for murder unclear.

Gavel from Reuters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Chip East)
Gavel from Reuters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Chip East)
The Southern District Attorney’s Office submitted an indictment in the Beersheba District Court on Monday against a mother for murdering three of her children and attempting to murder a fourth.
Ahlas Alarga’an, 26, perpetrated the crimes on the night of September 18, for reasons that are still unclear.
She took a large knife from the kitchen and woke her son Abad Almoheiman, 7, whom she then started to attack.
Abad survived his mother’s initial murder attempt, the indictment said, and told his mother he wanted to go to school.
Alarga’an responded that she did not want him to leave. Instead, she wanted him to “go to heaven” and be done with “this filthy world.” She continued stabbing him until he was dead.
Next, Alarga’an woke her daughter Miriam, 5, before telling her to put her head down. She then hacked her to death with the same knife. After Miriam was dead, Alarga’an covered her with her blanket.
The mother then took a break to shower and clean up. She changed her clothes and took a stroll in the area around her house, the indictment noted.
Then she attacked another daughter, Shams, 3, with the same knife. Although Shams was wounded, she survived the attack. Instead of attempting to kill her again, Alarga’an simply told her to stay in bed and keep quiet.
Later, Alarga’an brought Shams out with her as she approached her two-monthold daughter Dalal. She took the infant in her arms, nursed her and then took a scarf and strangled her to death.
At some point while this was happening, Shams either fainted or fell asleep, wounded, but still alive.
Alarga’an tried to commit suicide by hanging herself, but failed. She subsequently tried to cut her own throat and wrists.
The indictment stated that Alarga’an finally called a family member for medical assistance and came out of her house, acting hysterical and in pain.
According to the indictment, family members and others rushed to the scene and began screaming for paramedics when they witnessed what had happened to the children.
Media reports as well as aspects of the indictment indicated that the state’s position would be that Alarga’an was competent for trial and had killed in cold blood.