NGO: West Bank settlers beat Israeli activist

Attack is caught on video; shows settlers beat an activist who came to accompany Palestinian shepherds.

Settlers attack activist. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Settlers attack activist.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Three masked young Jewish men in the area of the south Hebron hills were caught on video beating an Israeli activist from the left-wing organization Tayush, which filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube.
In the video one can see a number of masked Jewish youths, assumed to be settlers, coming down a rocky hillside.
Suddenly one of the masked men screams at a Tayush activist, Danny Kronberg of Jerusalem, as he stands there with a knapsack on his back.
The settler pushes Kronberg as a second masked settler runs up to him and throws Kronberg to the ground. They are joined by a third settler. One of the settlers kicks Kronberg as he lies on the ground and hits him with a stick.
The three men then run away, back up the hillside. In the video one can see that a number of soldiers are also on the scene.
Kronberg said he had come to the area, near the Eshtemoa outpost, on Saturday morning, to accompany Palestinian shepherds as they herded their flocks.
Palestinian shepherds have had trouble in that area in the past, he said.
Another video shot by Tayush on that morning shows masked settlers using slingshots to throw stones in the direction of the shepherds.
Kronberg said he was slightly surprised by the level of violence, but not by the attack itself. He charged that in the past the settlers had thrown stones and pushed him, but this was the first time they had physically beaten him.
He said he had registered a complaint with the police in the Kiryat Arba settlement.
The police and the army had no response to the incident. The newly elected South Hebron Hills Regional Council head Yochai Damri said he knew of the incident only from the Tayush video.