Palestinian rioters on Temple Mount clash with security forces

Tensions flare as security forces restrict access to Temple Mount on first Friday prayers of Ramadan, in anticipation of violence and rioting.

Palestinian protesters on Temple Mount 370 (photo credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters)
Palestinian protesters on Temple Mount 370
(photo credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters)
Police clashed with Palestinian youth on the Temple Mount on Friday after security forces restricted access to the mosque fearing incitement to rioting on the first Friday prayers of the Ramadan holiday.
Dozens of young Palestinian rioters, many with their faces covered, confronted the police by throwing stones. Security forces on the scene have responded with riot dispersal means.
Police restricted access to the Temple Mount on Friday to men aged 50 and older. According to media reports, the Arab youth attempted to break past the security barriers on the Temple Mount and clashed with police forces.
Meanwhile, police and security forces stepped up their presence in all of Jerusalem ahead of the funeral for Muhammad Abu Khdeir, the teenager found dead in the Jerusalem Forest Wednesday morning. Reportedly, thousands of additional security personnel have been called into the capital to maintain order.
Extra officers have been placed at potential points of conflict, such as on roadways and at hitchhiking spots.