Police arrest 2nd suspect for Ramat Yishai rapes

Both suspects in the weekend rape of two girls are from the nearby village of Manshaya Zabada.

Rape thinkstock 370 (photo credit: thinkstock )
Rape thinkstock 370
(photo credit: thinkstock )
Police on Monday arrested a second suspect, 19, for the Sunday rape of two young women near Ramat Yishai, some 25 kilometers northeast of Haifa.
The women were out with their boyfriends, but two other men arrived and chased the boyfriends away before proceeding with the rape.
On Sunday, police arrested the first suspect, a man in his 20s. Both suspects are from the village of Manshaya Zabada, near the forest in the Jezreel Valley where the incident occurred.
News of the rape comes amid a rash of highly publicized violent crimes in recent weeks. Last week, Police Insp.-Gen. Yochanan Danino said that although the crime rate had dropped significantly, the public did not feel safe.
Speaking at a Knesset Interior Committee discussion on crime, Danino said that the war on violent crime represented “a strategic issue no less important than the Iranian threat” for Israel.
“Citizens can trust that the police will do everything in their power to bring the feeling of security back and to fight violence effectively,” he vowed.
Danino said that as part of efforts to minimize crime, he had taken a number of measures, including deploying “many more cops on the street.”
Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.