Police investigate former TV personality Emmanuel Rosen

Rosen investigated under caution on a series of sex crimes allegations leveled against him by women who worked with him.

Emanuel Rosen 370 (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Emanuel Rosen 370
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Former media personality Emmanuel Rosen was questioned under caution for nine hours on Thursday for a series of sex crime allegations leveled against him in recent months by a number of past female co-workers.
An interrogation under caution is often the final step before an arrest warrant is served and official criminal charges are pursued against a defendant.
Rosen was brought to the National Fraud Investigative Unit headquarters in Lod after police spent the past two months gathering evidence against him from a series of alleged victims.
Rosen is expected to return for further questioning in the coming days.
The Lahav 433 unit of the Israel Police said Thursday afternoon that Rosen was released after nine hours of questioning into allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment and that he was released with the condition that he not make contact with any of the people involved in the case.
The allegations against Rosen first broke in April, after Haaretz reported that he was the “senior media figure” at the center of a series of sexual harassment complaints. As the media storm grew, a series of former colleagues came forward complaining of crimes that exceeded mere sexual harassment.
On Thursday, Rosen’s media adviser Ronen Moshe said “we welcome the opportunity for Emmanuel to present his version of events and for the truth to be determined by facts and not rumors and wild incitement. We trust in the police and call for them to unearth the truth.”
Rosen told reporters after leaving the police station that “I’m very happy that I came here today, to the place that determines what's truth and not gossip, what are facts and not defamation, and reality and not rumors.
“I went through a fair and substantial investigation and I want to thank the Israel Police for this. I trust them 100 percent. I will do whatever I can to help finish the investigation as quickly as possible and get back to my life and routine.”