Police nab Sudanese man accused of sexual assault

The suspect was working as a janitor in Herzliya public bathroom, where he assaulted the woman, police say.

Rape victim (photo credit: Judy Siegel-Itzkovich)
Rape victim
(photo credit: Judy Siegel-Itzkovich)
Police arrested a Sudanese man on Friday suspected of sexually assaulting a young woman inside a public bathroom in Herzliya, the second such attack allegedly carried out by African migrants in the Tel Aviv area last week.
The incident was first reported in a statement by police on Sunday morning, in which they said the 20- year-old woman was using a public bathroom in Herzliya last Thursday morning when the suspect, a janitor working at the scene, allegedly assaulted her sexually. He was arrested soon after by officers from the Glilot precinct and was brought to a court hearing, where his remand was extended until Wednesday.
Last week, Tel Aviv police arrested two Eritrean men suspected of raping a 39-year-old Israeli woman in an abandoned building on the city’s Hamasger Street on Wednesday.
Following that incident, Interior Minister Eli Yishai gave an interview to Ynet in which he said the threat posed to Israel by illegal migrants is no less serious than that of Iran.
In the interview, Yishai said the “the threat from infiltrators is no less severe than the Iranian threat. The incident today proved how much we have lost the sense of personal security for Israeli citizens.”
Also, last Wednesday night, police arrested a 16-year-old local teen who they said was part of a group of youths who beat two Sudanese men with wooden and metal sticks when they refused to give them a cigarette.
Widely-reported incidents of violence and property crime committed by African migrants, as well as rumors about such incidents, have raised tensions between Israelis and migrants in recent month.
In May, an anti-migrant demonstration descended into looting and attacks on African migrants by Israeli Jews, and came shortly after three migrants were indicted for the sexual assault of a teenage girl on Independence Day.