Police searching for man who stabbed teenager in attempted beachfront robbery

16-year-old girl fought off the robber at TA promenade; south TA residents to protest worsening crime situation in the city.

Tel Aviv promenade 370 (photo credit: Tourism Ministry/goisrael.com)
Tel Aviv promenade 370
(photo credit: Tourism Ministry/goisrael.com)
Police are still searching for a man they say stabbed a 16-yearold girl in the abdomen during an attempted robbery on the Tel Aviv beachfront on Thursday night.
The girl was lightly wounded in the stabbing, which police said took place while she was fighting off a man who accosted her while she was with friends on the promenade near the corner of Bograshov and Hayarkon streets. The man allegedly tried to grab the girl’s cellphone but fled without the device.
Police said the girl told them the alleged attacker was an African migrant. They added that they did not yet have a specific suspect but were analyzing surveillance camera footage from businesses in the area.
Some two dozen residents of south Tel Aviv held a protest at the site of the stabbing on Saturday night to demonstrate against what they said was rising crime in the area due to the high number of African migrants.