Police: Self-proclaimed 'sorcerer' manipulated woman into sex and bilked her out of thousands

The 39-year-old woman found the "sorcerer" on the internet; asked for his help to overcome emotional stress of breakup.

A sorceror 370 (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A sorceror 370
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A self-proclaimed “sorcerer” from the Golan Heights manipulated a woman into having sex with him as part of a series of “magical treatments” he was providing her to help her recover from a break-up with her boyfriend, Tel Aviv police said.
Things became more complicated for the alleged victim, when during questioning by police she admitted that she had asked the man to physically attack her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, after which police detained her for three days before releasing her to house arrest on suspicion of conspiring to cause someone bodily harm.
The story began six months ago, police said, when the woman found the 39-year-old Golan Heights resident on the Internet and asked him to help her with holistic treatment to recover from emotional despair caused by the break-up. Over the coming months the man held a number of meetings with the woman, during which he promised that through the power of sorcery he could make her boyfriend come back to her – all while charging her thousands of shekels in fees.
During a recent treatment, the man allegedly convinced the woman to have sex with him, saying that it was a ritual needed in order to make the magic work.
The man, who was arrested Sunday night by Ramat Gan police, could face charges of sexually assaulting the woman against her will. Police said Monday that they are trying to find other female victims of the man, and checking reports of other con men using similar methods to garner sex and cash from women in despair.