Rabbi, student arrested for trying to slaughter donkey as sacrifice for sins

Palestinian in area catches suspects in the process of killing animal and alerts police; suspects confess police say.

Donkey 370 (photo credit: Israel Weiss)
Donkey 370
(photo credit: Israel Weiss)
Jerusalem police arrested a rabbi and his student on Friday for trying to slaughter and sacrifice a female donkey.
The 54-year-old rabbi and his student aged 24, were arrested near the of the Tomb of Samuel the prophet which is located in the West Bank north of Jerusalem.
The two suspects purchased the female donkey, or jenny, from a local Palestinian and were later caught on camera by another local trying to slaughter the animal, police said. The man filming the incident alerted the police.
The suspects, residents of Jerusalem, confessed that they were slaughtering the jenny as a sacrifice for their sins.
The Jerusalem Magistrates court was deciding Friday whether to remand the suspects into custody.
The donkey was brought to a Ministry of Agriculture facility in the Jordan Valley.