Settler indicted for price-tag attack following tasering incident with police

Boaz Albert indicted for attacking a bus of female Palestinian students as retaliation for murder of Evyatar Borovsky.

Tapuah attack 370 (photo credit: Courtesy, Magen David Adom)
Tapuah attack 370
(photo credit: Courtesy, Magen David Adom)
The Central District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday filed an indictment in the Kfar Saba Magistrate’s Court against settler Boaz Albert and two others for attacking a bus of female Palestinian students at Tapuah junction.
They attack the bus while the students were on a field trip on April 30, as a “price tag” retaliation for the murder of Evyatar Borovsky, according to the indictment. A Palestinian had stabbed Borovsky to death at the junction earlier that day.
A paraphrase of the indictment, received late on Wednesday night, charges the three with intentionally destroying property and attempted attack of the students based on racist motivations, with an additional charge against Albert for disrupting police work.
The three started with throwing rocks at the bus, Albert stopped the bus by lying down in the road and had to be forcibly removed by police, and at least one of the defendants climbed into the bus and harassed students, the paraphrase stated.
Albert told the police, “Don’t arrest me, arrest the Arabs,” it said.
The prosecution only provided the paraphrase upon special request and would not provide the full indictment until the two still unnamed defendants have been served with the indictment.
Albert’s attorney Adi Kedar said he had yet to review the material for the indictment, but that his client had been part of a protest held at the Tapuah junction, and to the best of his knowledge had not been involved in the attack.
Albert made headlines in August, when he became the face of a public-relations campaign against the IDF practice of issuing restraining orders banning certain settlers from the West Bank and against the police use of Taser guns.
The father of five was arrested on August 15 for violating such a restraining order. An observer filmed his arrest and showed police using a Taser against Albert as he lay on the floor of the kitchen in his home in the Yitzhar settlement, near Nablus.
The video, which showed officers dragging a non-resisting Albert out of his home, was widely publicized.
Once freed from jail, Albert returned home and insisted that he had no intention of respecting the restraining order. Right-wing politicians, particularly from Bayit Yehudi, threw their support behind him and visited him in his home, including MKs Orit Struck and Mordechai Yogev.
In preparation for another arrest, Albert prepared a homemade form of leg irons in his living room. On September 24, police arrived while some 50 supporters were visiting him, including a group of Americans.
Albert, who had some advance warning of the police arrival, locked himself in the leg irons, forcing police to saw him loose. They once again dragged him through his home to arrest him, while observers filmed them.
Albert is still under arrest from that incident.