Settler spoof video has US offering a modern Western Wall by the beach

Satirical video shows mock Kerry offering humorous solutions to the Israeli- Palestinian dilemma.

Actor plays US Sec of State Kerry in spoof‏ (photo credit: COUNCIL OF JEWISH COMMUNITIES OF JUDEA AND SAMARIA,MYISRAEL)
Actor plays US Sec of State Kerry in spoof‏
The latest settler spoof video on the US peace efforts shows Secretary of State John Kerry offering to replace the holiest of Jewish sites, the Western Wall, with a new structure – just by the beach.
“Dividing Jerusalem is not an easy thing,” says an Israeli actor, dressed to look like Kerry, in a video produced by the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria and the nongovernmental group MyIsrael.
“We must realize that it is holy to all religions: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Klingons and Hobbits. But what I am saying is why fight over an old wall, I will build you a brand new wall, close to the beach,” said the mock Kerry.
It’s the second such video on the secretary of state that the two groups have produced to protest Kerry’s support for a Palestinian state in east Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank.
This week the two groups posted the video, which has an English and Hebrew version, on its satirical website for an imaginary company called John Kerry Solutions, Inc.
The video shows the mock Kerry wearing a suit and gray haired wig, descending from Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley, to explain the US plan to protect Israel without an IDF presence.
“We must not be fixated on old paradigms, as if only the Israeli army can defend Israel,” the mock Kerry said as he held up a camera, which his assistant then taped to a fence.
“This little camera I am holding here creates a mighty psychological barrier before any terrorists who tries to infiltrate Israel. The moment the terrorist passes, BANG, it takes a picture and immediately uploads it to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest...
“This is the kind of shaming no terrorist can handle,” the mock Kerry said.
The video portrays the danger – as seen by these groups – a two-state solution poses to Tel Aviv and sends the pretend secretary of state to the Azrieli Towers, where he is seen looking out at the mountain tops of the West Bank’s Samaria region.
“We have a saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, well it does not get any closer than this,” said the mock Kerry.
He then heads out onto the streets to speak with some motorcyclists with helmets.
“It is very good you have a helmet,” the mock Kerry said as he knocked on one. “Soon, there will be a lot of rockets.”
The video ends with him asking a pedestrian, “Do you think I deserve a Nobel Prize?”