TV anchor on leave after sexual abuse allegations

Channel 10 reporter Emanuel Rosen says claims he sexually harassed ten female co-workers are "unfounded."

Emanuel Rosen 370 (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Emanuel Rosen 370
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Journalist Emanuel Rosen has taken a leave of absence from Channel 10 News, until allegations of sexual abuse of his co-workers which surfaced on Friday can be clarified. Rosen notified Channel 10 Director Golan Yochpaz of his decision following a conversation between the two.
"Channel 10 News will act on the instructions of the law by the book, and word for word," the network said in a press release. Rosen was slated to be one of the central anchors of a new newscast show alongside military commentator Alon Ben-David, which is expected to begin broadcasting in the next few weeks. Rosen has also been hosting the program Tik Tikshoret which airs the educational TV network.
Earlier on Friday, Haaretz published testimony connecting Rosen to sexual abuse of more than ten female co-workers who have worked with him over the years.
In response Rosen said: "For ten years there has been an anonymous online spear campaign waged against me featuring a fictional character who does not exist in reality: 'Emanuel Rosen the offender.' During these years there hasn't been a single woman who has worked with me, or has been interviewed by me, that hasn't been asked by the smear campaign organizers if I have hurt her or abused her."
"Now, the Journalists' Association has taken the decision to bring this witch hunt from the darkness into the light, and I praise this decision and will await impatiently for a quick and efficient inquiry," Rosen continued. "The time has come to challenge the reality of the rumors and unfounded slander which have never before been brought to me and of which I have never been asked about. My words have never been heard."
Rosen added: "This afternoon I announced to the CEO of Channel 10 News Golan Yochpaz that I will take a leave of absence from work with the network until the completion of the initial review process - and the clouds have passed. I hope that the inquiry will at least be conducted with the same speed in which the story swelled to monstrous proportions."