Top Israeli singer at center of sex crimes investigation

15 year old girl tells TA police that she had consensual sex with singer, one of Israel's most famous celebrities.

Singer [illustrative] 370 (photo credit: Reuters)
Singer [illustrative] 370
(photo credit: Reuters)
Two famous Israeli singers, including one of the country’s most prominent celebrities, are at the center of a sex-crimes case that first broke late Wednesday night, which reportedly includes allegations of statutory rape that took place on a number of occasions with underage girls.
On Wednesday night, a 15-year-old girl issued a complaint to Tel Aviv Police saying she had consensual sex with one of the singers on a number of occasions in recent months. When asked how many times they allegedly had sexual relations, a Tel Aviv Police source said the complaint reads that “it wasn’t a onetime thing.”
She also gave testimony to investigators on Thursday, as did a number of other underage girls who met with police the same day to describe their relationship with the singers.
The source said they are also probing the possibility that other men who know the singers were involved. In addition, they are checking if the girl was supplied with drugs by the singers during the meetings.
A number of Israeli outlets also reported that there is video evidence of one of the sex acts, but police did not confirm the existence of such a recording on Thursday.
Though the identity of the main suspect is protected under a seven-day gag order, a widely read Israeli blogger posted the man’s name in an entry on Wednesday night, which the singer himself responded to on Facebook and Instagram.
In the post, the singer wrote “to all of my fans and people who love me. I am writing this from a club in Tel Aviv. I see the character assassination being waged against me by [the blogger].
But I don’t see any need to respond to someone who spent his whole life suffering at the hands of others, a picked-on kid whose site will be shut down very soon I promise you. Thank God, everything is fine with me.
I’m working, performing, going out, and preparing a winter performance that all of you can enjoy. I love all of you. God willing, we will meet soon only in happy circumstances and concerts.”
The posts were later removed.
Police said the main suspect and the other singer are both expected to be called in for questioning in the coming days.
The blogger who violated the gag order on the case was questioned under caution by Tel Aviv police, on suspicion of tampering with the investigation by revealing the singer's identity.