State indicts PM’s former driver for sex assaults on minors

From 1988-2006, Ilan Shmuel, 51, allegedly raped or sexually assaulted several female family members.

Rape victim 300 (photo credit: Judy Siegel-Itzkovich)
Rape victim 300
(photo credit: Judy Siegel-Itzkovich)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s former driver was indicted in the Jerusalem District Court on Sunday for hundreds of sexual assaults and rapes against six minors, mostly relatives of his, over 21 years.
The indictment against Ilan Shmuel, 51, a Zecharya resident, was filed by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office.
It includes accusations that from 1988-2006, Shmuel raped, or sexually assaulted, several female family members and from 2007-2009, he sexually assaulted A.A. (also referred to in the indictment as G.G.), a friend of his daughter, who was nine-years-old at the time.
As the victims were minors, their real names are under a gag order.
The narrative of the indictment goes as follows: Shmuel sexually assaulted and raped B.B., who was 12-years-old, dozens of times, starting in 1988, over a one to two-year period – at B.B’s grandparents’ house.
The assaults included forcing her to learn a variety of sexual skills, while telling her that men she had sexual relations with later in life would appreciate that “you are already experienced.”
In one incident where Shmuel raped B.B. he told her she would enjoy it, but when she cried out in pain, he said: “It will be over soon.”
While driving B.B. home, Shmuel told her he had just “lost control” but that it “would not happen again,” and that she “should not tell anyone.”
However, Shmuel continued to rape B.B. repeatedly in the future, sometimes forcing her into the grandparents’ home as B.B. tried to resist.
From 1991-1995, Shmuel sexually assaulted C.C., a family member who at the time was 11-years-old, dozens of times and in numerous ways – in her home.
In 1996, Shmuel sexually assaulted D.D., a family member who at the time was nineyears- old, numerous times and in a variety of ways, at his house and in his car.
From 2004-2006, Shmuel sexually assaulted E.E., a family member who at the time 11-years-old, numerous times and in a variety of ways, while at his house.
In some cases, E.E. was unable to perform as Shmuel demanded, but he continued sexually assaulting her.
Shmuel also raped and sexually assaulted F.F., despite her crying out in pain, and sexually assaulted G.G.
Both F.F. and G.G. were also minors, while F.F. was another family member and G.G.
was a friend of a family member.
With many of the minors, Shmuel told them it would be their “special secret” and not to tell anyone.
According to media reports, Shmuel was Netanyahu’s driver until 2011, when he was removed from the post after the office discovered that he was being investigated for sex crimes.
The prime minister would not comment on the previous case against Shmuel.
The Prime Minister’s Office said that they were told about the new allegations a month ago and immediately reported the matter to the relevant authorities. Shmuel was placed on leave.
They added that they are dealing with the case in keeping with regulations placed on state agencies.