Travelers stopped at airport smuggling 34 parrots in carry-ons

Birds brought from Belgium without medical papers or licenses, returned by veterinary services.

Parrots smuggled into (photo credit: Courtesy)
Parrots smuggled into
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Airport security and workers from the Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development stopped two travelers who were in the process of smuggling 34 parrots into the country, on Monday.
According to an official press release by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, all the parrots were found in two carry-on bags.
Preliminary questioning of the owners revealed that the large quantity of birds were smuggled into the country from Belgium and their value runs in the thousands of euros.
All 34 birds were confiscated on location by the Health Ministry and immediately handed over to the ministry's veterinary personnel. The birds were fed and watered as well as subjected to health tests.
Agriculture Ministry's Veterenary Department Chief, Dr. Nadav Galon, stated that the birds will be returned to their country of origin tonight, in order to prevent the introduction of of diseases which can threaten Israel's people and animals.