Two female anteaters from Denmark relocate to Israeli zoo; meet local male

Zoological center will attempt to mate the female anteater with a male that already resides at the Ramat Gan Safari.

Anteateaters from Denmark in Israel (photo credit: TIBOR YIGAR)
Anteateaters from Denmark in Israel
(photo credit: TIBOR YIGAR)
In a heartwarming turn of events, an anteater and widower of two years, Termite, who resides in Ramat Gan's Safari zoological center, will be receiving two Danish female anteaters today.
The Danish anteaters have been transferred after delays caused by one of the anteaters giving birth to a cub just before departing from Copenhagen. The two are currently acclimatizing to their new environment before being introduced to their new Israeli companion.
The anteater appears to hold no reservations about commencing relations with two female partners, or for that matter with the fact that he has found new beginnings with non-Jewish dames, following a possible trend set by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu's son, Yair who has also recently entered a relationship with a non-Jewish girl from Europe.