Weed grow room found in haredi girls school

Principal of Kiryat Gat school finds plants and marijuana growing equipment in basement bomb shelter.

Seized Marijuana Pot plants 311 (photo credit: Courtesy: Israel Police)
Seized Marijuana Pot plants 311
(photo credit: Courtesy: Israel Police)
For some time before Sunday, a strong herbal aroma wafted through the halls of a Kiryat Gat school for haredi girls, puzzling faculty and staff alike. On Sunday, the principal decided to investigate, and made her way to a basement bomb shelter, where she stumbled upon a marijuana grow room, Negev subdistrict police reported on Sunday.
The principal called police, and the investigators who arrived at the scene found a few dozen marijuana plants, grow lamps, irrigation equipment and fertilizer.
Chief-superintendant of the Kiryat Gat police Ofer Shomer announced that police believe that the lab had been in operation for at least a few months, adding that his police force “will do everything we can through undercover and open operations to find those responsible for running the drug lab.”
Police have still not made any arrests but have said that one possibility they are examining is that people with no connection to the school decided to move their operations to the building under the assumption that no one would suspect a haredi girls school.