Woman arrested for killing newborn and burying body

Negev resident arrested after police find body of baby buried; two other women suspected of involvement in 'great efforts' to cover up murder.

Negev location where mother buried baby (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Negev location where mother buried baby
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
A woman in her thirties was arrested on suspicion that she gave birth to a baby boy and immediately after the birth killed him and then buried his body, Israel Police said on Friday.
The alledged murder and burial took place in the Negev in southern Israel.
After police received a tip, they began a wide scale search for the baby's body using search dogs other means and eventually found him buried in an undisclosed location in the Negev.
Upon investigation, police also discovered the involvement of two other women in the murder, including the baby's grandmother.
Negev District
Perez Omar said that  the events were shocking and inhumane.
"Were talking about a shocking event in which a newborn was murdered and buried without anyone knowing. Great efforts were made to conceal the murder, a terrible thing human mind can not bear," he said.
"The guilty will be charged," he added.