Yesh Atid deal calls for school curriculum reform

Soon-to-be Education Minister, Shai Piron to formulate new elementary school curriculum, according to coalition deal.

piron370 (photo credit: courtesy)
(photo credit: courtesy)
According to the coalition deal signed by Yesh Atid on Friday, the next education minister, MK Shai Piron, will formulate a new core curriculum for elementary education within the six months of the swearing- in of the government.
The curriculum, which will be implemented two years after it is approved, is to apply to every pupil in the country and will allow different communities to propose unique additional programs that reflect their way of life.
The ministry also is to take over responsibility for early childhood education and technological education. The state commits to assigning dedicated resources and budgets to these fields. This decision will be implemented in time to be included in the current education budget.
Following the recommendation of the Trajtenberg Committee, established in 2011 to examine and propose solutions to Israel’s socioeconomic problems, the government will cancel the criterion allowing funding for religious education institutions when it comes to students who are not Israelis.
Yesh Atid’s coalition deal specifies that the 50-year seniority bonus offered to teachers will now take into consideration a maximum of five years of experience in a foreign country. For example, if a teacher has worked in Israel for 45 years and abroad for an additional five, they are entitled to receive the salary bonus.
Piron said on Thursday that he was nervous about his new post, which he called “the real national defense ministry,” and reiterated his commitment to “overhauling the failing education system.”
The Yesh Atid platform calls for reducing the number of mandatory matriculation exams for high-schoolers; improving the integration of children in special education program into the regular system; offering students in the periphery better opportunities; and combating racism and discrimination in education.