A pair with flair

David and Yosef serves high-end fare with style.

David and Yosef restaurant serves high-end fare with style (photo credit: PR)
David and Yosef restaurant serves high-end fare with style
(photo credit: PR)
If there is a secret to being successful in the restaurant industry, chefs Dudu Elmakias and Yossi Shitrit of the David and Yosef restaurant have certainly uncovered it. Since opening almost two years ago, David and Yosef has established a regular clientele and promises a packed house nearly every night of the week, making reservations an absolute must! This was my second time dining there, and once again it did not disappoint.
The restaurant is an intimate place, and its unadorned charm makes you feel right at home. The super-friendly wait staff helps make everyone feel comfortable. We had the pleasure of sitting at the bar, with a full view of the sous-chefs creating their gastronomy magic in an open kitchen.
The restaurant’s head bartender Ami wanted my dining companion and me to get a good understanding of the menu the restaurant has to offer, so after we provided a little guidance as to our likes and dislikes, we were brought a parade of tastes.
The menu offers a wide variety of culinary styles, taken from Israeli, French, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. The tasty dishes are complemented by the finest selection of Israeli wines, both local and international.
First up was a beet and endive salad (NIS 58). The vinaigrette was light and not overpowering. The caramelized beets brought out the sweetness and crunch. The Tulum cheese just popped the flavors together. I would go back to the restaurant just for this delicious, refreshing, nutty, rich salad. It was creative both in taste, as well as presentation.
This was followed by a white fish ceviche (NIS 59). Ceviche is a trendy dish, and every chef prepares it a little differently. Made with miso vinaigrette, tobiko, sesame seeds and orange zest, it was not our favorite dish, but it was tasty and will appeal to many diners.
Now, I’m not normally a cocktail person, but Ami really knows his stuff. You can be very specific about what you want or you can just give him an idea of what you would like and let him surprise you. My dining partner did just that and loved her drink.
Next up was the tuna sashimi (NIS 63) accompanied by coconut shavings, peanuts, wasabi vinaigrette and honey. The sashimi was honestly some of the freshest I’ve had. I’m not sure where they source their fish from, but the quality was exceptional. The tuna was marvelously tender and hardly required chewing. The flavors were great as well.
Last but not least was the perfect egg (NIS 45). Flavorful is an understatement for this dish! It was a perfect balance of flavors and ingredients, which included Parmesan and white truffle oil.
Breaking the panko-coated egg and watching the yolk ooze all over the plate made for the best natural sauce for this dish.
With deft and friendly service, our first course was cleared and main course followed shortly.
Ami insisted that we try the lamb shwarma in pita (NIS 85/44).
The lamb was seasoned to perfection, there was a good portion of meat, and the presentation was very appetizing.
It was incredibly tasty with a lot of spices and flavors to awaken the taste buds This was followed by beef fillet accompanied by potato gratin, hot spinach, shallots and red wine sauce (NIS 152). Being South African, I was a very happy diner.
It was fantastic. The meat tasted like meat, the portion was more than large enough, and I had to force myself to stop eating once I was full. It was so delicious and enticing that I wanted to keep eating past my capacity.
Even though the meal was satisfying and we were rather full, we graciously accepted dessert, which consisted of a chilled creme brûlée. I’ve never had a cold creme brûlée, but I would make an exception here. It was perfection – smooth, creamy and perfectly caramelized.
If you’re looking for an elegant night out, David and Yosef is a solid choice. The food is high-end fare, served with style.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
David and Yosef
Not kosher
21 Montefiore St., Tel Aviv
Tel: (03) 604-0036