Amazon promotion covers NY subway in Nazi symbology

“The Man in the High Castle,” is based on Philip K. Dick’s Hugo Award-winning novel of the same name.

'The Man in the High Castle'  (photo credit: PR)
'The Man in the High Castle'
(photo credit: PR)
In an advertising campaign ahead of the premier of it's new show, "The Man in the High Castle," Amazon plastered the New York City subway 42nd street shuttle in Nazi-like symbols and Imperial Japan insignia.
“High Castle,” which began streaming this week on Amazon Prime, is based on Philip K. Dick’s Hugo Award-winning novel of the same name, an alternate history in which the Axis Powers win World War II after exploding a nuclear device on Washington with Japan and Germany now ruling the United States
The advertising campaign published by Amazon ahead of the show depicted New York City in full Nazi garb, including the Statue of Liberty performing the Nazi solute. To complete the campaign, Amazon purchased additional advertising space on the New York City Subway, covering the train cars in Nazi-like symbols from top to bottom.
Passengers on the 42nd street shuttle, which runs between Grand Central Station and Times Square, took to Twitter with their complaints suggesting the ad campaign was "creepy" and in poor taste.
Riders criticized the choice saying, "I think draping your subway in Nazi paraphernalia and calling it advertising is a bad decision."
Others put the blame on the MTA for allowing the advertising campaign to go forward. "An entire train of nazi imagery: totally chill with MTA," tweeted a traveler.
Users accused both Amazon and the MTA of promoting Nazi ideology and anti-Semitic feelings with the ad campaign.
Amazon has not responded to the complaints.