Bar Refaeli channels inner pole dancer in sexy commercial

This is not the first time Refaeli has starred in a steamy ad.

Bar Refaeli stars in new commercial
She's back! Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli grabbed headlines this week thanks to a new commercial for the designer eye-wear company Carolina Lemke Berlin.
In the ad, now airing on Israeli television, emotional music plays in the background as a young man spots a blonde beauty on the metro. His mind begins to race when the top model is seen doing a seductive pole dance.
As Refaeli twirls around the shiny steel pole wearing a skimpy crop top and tight jeans, her golden locks flow lusciously, and the onlooker's imagination runs wild.
Smiling, the admirer puts on his Carolina glasses to get a closer look. Much to his dismay, the twirling supermodel has morphed into an ordinary, much-less attractive woman, leaning on the metro's rusty handrail.
As he falls down from cloud nine and plans his escape, the plump lady has other ideas in mind as she winks suggestively at him.
Refaeli is known for her racy commercials. In 2013, she earned a fat pay check in a widely-talked about Super Bowl ad for the web hosting company GoDaddy in which she makes out with a nerd. Earlier this year, she posed in bed with a mustachioed, fuzzy Muppet – a commercial which was subsequently banned from primetime TV.