Bizmax inauguration

In Israel there are numerous exhibitions throughout the country over the coming few weeks that have been created or curated or both by women.

Karnit Flug
THE INAUGURATION of the Bizmax business center for haredi Jerusalem men was set to be held later this week. Scheduled to attend were President Reuven Rivlin, Interior Minister Arye Deri, Bank of Israel governor Karnit Flug and Manufacturers Association president Shraga Brosh.
Conveniently located in the Bezeq building behind the central bus station at 15 Hazvi Street, Bizmax is close to religious neighborhoods and easily accessible to Orthodox business people who are coming to Jerusalem via public transport. It offers office space for business meetings, workshops and consulting services, loans at affordable terms, networking and cooperative activities plus office services.
Considering the fact that women are the providers in many ultra-Orthodox families and are not necessarily working on computers from home, the day may not be long in coming when a second branch of Bizmax for women will also be opened near the entrance to the city, which is destined to become Jerusalem’s business hub.
FORMER EDITOR-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post Steve Linde will be the moderator at a Purim Miracle Revisited, co-sponsored by World Mizrachi, Telfed’s Jerusalem Branch and WITS University Alumni on March 7.
The event will commemorate the state-orchestrated events in the Soviet Union leading up to Purim 1953, prior to which there were mass dismissals of Jews from places of employment and large-scale killing of Jews. Purim that year fell on March 1. Four days later, on March 5, Stalin, one of the Hamans of modern times, died at the age of 74. It didn’t bring an end to virulent anti-Semitism, but with his death, many other Jewish lives that may have been lost were saved.
Speakers will include Rabbi Doron Perez, Rabbi Yosef Mendelevitch and Dr. Dan Roginsky. The venue is the World Mizrachi Building (next door to the Great Synagogue) at 54 King George Avenue.
POPULAR HASSIDIC singer Avraham Fried appears in Israel so often that he may as well move here permanently. Any of his fans who are not yet aware of his March 28 performance at the Jerusalem International Convention Center – which has been named as one of the best 10 convention centers in the world by the prestigious magazine Business Destinations – should mark their calendars accordingly.
The upcoming concert is in celebration of the jubilee of Yeshivat Hakotel, the hesder yeshiva located opposite the Temple Mount and overlooking the Western Wall in the Old City. The yeshiva was founded shortly after the Six Day War by Rabbi Aryeh Bina, who was the rabbi at Yeshivat Netiv Meir. He was one of several people who were determined to re-establish a Jewish presence in the Old City following a 19-year absence of Jews from the area while it was under Jordanian control. The yeshiva students initially congregated in abandoned Jordanian barracks, then moved to another nearby location and finally to the yeshiva’s permanent home in the 1980s.
BETWEEN THE last week of February and mid-March, tens of thousands of events around the world will be related to International Women’s Day, the official date of which is March 8. In Israel it will undoubtedly be linked with Purim, which falls on March 11, with the exception of Jerusalem where it falls on March 12, but like most festivals in Israel, will be celebrated several days before and after.
The main body for International Women’s Day 2017 is operating under the slogan of #BeBoldFor Change.
In Israel there are numerous exhibitions throughout the country over the coming few weeks that have been created or curated or both by women. One example includes the opening on February 28, of an exhibition of paintings under the title of “Views from the Hubble” by Michelle Katz at Amos Wineries in Tekoa. The exhibition is in memory of her father, Jack Greenfield, and will be on view till March 4.
Katz, who is the wife of singer and storyteller Yehuda Katz, is a singer in her own right, but prefers to focus on her painting. Yehuda, who performs throughout Israel and abroad, occasionally also performs closer to home at Amos Wineries. The Katz family lives in Tekoa, where they built their dream home.