Clothes make the woman

The theme of feminist fashion house Comme Il Faut’s winter collection is emotions

The theme of feminist fashion house Comme Il Faut’s winter collection is emotions (photo credit: NATALIE ZERIKER)
The theme of feminist fashion house Comme Il Faut’s winter collection is emotions
(photo credit: NATALIE ZERIKER)
On Thursday night, a small gathering of impeccably dressed women in their 60s came together for a private viewing of feminist fashion house Comme Il Faut’s winter collection. Seated on long benches lining the walls of the south Tel Aviv studio/factory, the guests looked through two catalogues that had been laid out on each seat. The first pamphlet featured photographer Natalie Zriker’s stark images of the clothing modeled by the severe Sophie Abezgauz and Ayala Fisher. The second featured the same images embossed and distorted by a group of visual artists.
As Sybil Goldfeiner, founder, owner and chief executive of Comme Il Faut explained, the latter of the two was created as a response to the events of the summer.
“We were creating this collection just as the war broke out,” she told the crowd.
“We felt that we needed to respond in some way, to incorporate what was hap - pening into our work.”
After her brief explanation, Goldfeiner turned the floor over to house designer Sharon Daube, who, together with designer Karin Leikovich, is responsible for the new collection.
“Our inspiration came from characteristics that are usually associated with men,  weekend such as dominance, cool-headedness, toughness, egotism and focus,” she said.
Dressed in an oversized frock over cropped suit trousers, Daube blushed as she ushered in the show.
Every Comme Il Faut year begins with a theme. In 2013, the label explored religion, putting out collections inspired by Judaism and Islam. This year, the theme is emotions.
Collection 03/2014, the third of the Year of Emotions, is perfectly in line with the label’s refined yet edgy aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Yves Saint Laurent’s 1966 Le Smoking tuxedo for women, the beginning of the show featured pantsuits in deep jade and warm chestnut. The twist, an inside-out illusion, was created by the overlay of cropped, collared vests on the jackets reminiscent of dickeys.
About midway through the show, a 50-something woman with short bleached hair took the runway, modeling a black suit and overcoat. The audience burst into applause upon seeing a peer. As she made her way toward the exit, several viewers whispered compliments and congratulations.
Two other older models, each of whom received the same warm response from crowd, followed her on the catwalk.
As the models marched on, a world of rich textiles overtook the small space.
Floral velvets, jacquard weaves and quilted sweatshirts have been wielded into chic and feminine silhouettes. Comme Il Faut’s winter is a world many women would love to live in, one of beauty, power and elegance. That said, this winter wonderland belongs to those with means. Prices begin at NIS 149 for socks and run through NIS 2,490 for jackets.
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