Dennis Rodman is not going to the Middle East to meet ISIS leaders

Satirical report about former NBA player meeting with leaders of brutal terrorist group goes viral and causes some confusion, forcing him to issue denial.

Dennis Rodman (photo credit: REUTERS)
Dennis Rodman
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Dennis Rodman has officially entered the zone in which people will believe anything they read about him, no matter how outrageous it might be.
Rodman was forced on Saturday to deny that he was flying to the Middle East to meet with the leaders of the Islamic State terrorist group after an article on a satirical news website saying as much went viral, with people believing it was actual news.
The satirical story in The National Report was a take-off on Rodman having flown to Pyongyang several times to meet reclusive North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. When the satirical website reported that Rodman was now going to the Islamic State's enclave to "tell them what I think and maybe they’ll change their methods,” more than 70,000 people shared the story, believing it was true.
Hollywood gossip site TMZ asked the eccentric five-time NBA champion's agent about the report on Saturday. Rodman's representative said the report was completely untrue and that he was in Hong Kong on business.