Dressing up your rooms

Special window treatments can transform a room from drab to fab.

Interior design (photo credit: AVI COHEN)
Interior design
(photo credit: AVI COHEN)
Avi Baruch, managing director of Orgon – Curtains and Blinds, a leading window-dressing company in Israel, says that while home design trends call for clean, minimalist lines in neutral colors from natural shades to white or cream, dressing a window is an opportunity to add a splash of color. It contrasts with the rest of the interior design and adds interest, as well as a personal touch.
Curtains with dominant shades or patterns can add life to a room while remaining within the style guidelines. For those who want to keep the curtains light and semi-opaque, Baruch suggests adding 80x100 cm. panels in a dominant color.
The panel covers one-third or half of the base curtain, making a huge difference with only a small change.
This year, the trend is the natural look, with linen, cotton or a synthetic that looks like cotton or linen. Fabrics are soft and flowing with many shades and smooth textures or weaves that are heavier or lighter, as well as patterns of checks and stripes.
According to Baruch, the most popular fabric combination in recent years is linen and polyester. Linen provides the desired natural look, while polyester adds durability and strength.
For the coming spring, Orgon is offering a range of fabric curtains with floral patterns or strong colors and various patterns, which provide an injection of color and brightness to the home.
The color for 2015 is Marsala, which can be combined in different coordinated fabrics of various shades of Marsala, echoed in the curtains, upholstery and other home fabrics.
The popular patterns we will see are prints in the aquarelle style, watery colors on fabrics with tones such as gray, purple, blue, orange and mixtures and patterns of abstract flowers.
Another recent popular trend is a mix of print and plain colors in matching tones that combine the plain and simple with something new and refreshing. Mixing these in the furniture, floors and curtains creates a warm, rich atmosphere and can be integrated into any design style.
Baruch adds that the latest dominant trend in curtain fabrics is digital printing on fabric, a service that Orgon now offers.
With this process, one can choose any design or image and print it on a window shade or fabric curtain in a high-quality finish. It provides a personal stamp for any curtain, making a unique design statement in the home.