Watch: Israeli artist's mash-up of amateur Youtubers goes viral

Tel Aviv-based Kutiman masterfully stitches together video clips to make own soulful music.

Kutiman - Thru You Too - GIVE IT UP
Israeli YouTube mash-up video artist Kutiman's soon-to-be-released album ThruYOU Too gives a new meaning to funk and soul.
The album consists of six new songs, each re-imagined and re-born from a compilation of amateur Youtubers' original clips. The soulful, mellow tone of recently-gone-viral, “Give it Up”, will have your foot tapping as you watch a six-year-old pianist and a high school brass ensemble make their own music along with other component clips seamlessly threaded together. The result is a memorable song that combines all elements of R&B, gospel and groove and although none of the individual performances are by Tel Aviv-based Kutiman himself, his genius is apparent from the moment you press play. 
Thru You Too will be released October 1.
You can see more of Kutiman’s remixes on his YouTube channel.