Gourmet food in a cozy corner

Bread and Market is a new upscale eatery in Kfar Saba.

Bread and Market eatery in Kfar Saba (photo credit: PABLO LANZA/ISRAEL SAILING ASSOCIATION,POLLY NEMOY,POOL)
Bread and Market eatery in Kfar Saba
Always the poor relation compared to Ra’anana, Kfar Saba is about to get seven new kosher eateries in the coming months. This is because the refurbished and gentrified shuk in the center of town is going to be offering seven kosher food places, including a pub that is already functioning and a pizza place that will open soon.
Gone are the raucous fruit and vegetable vendors, and Shoshana the legendary greengrocer famous for her raunchy references to her husband’s anatomy. Now visitors to the shuk can hear soothing music, soon to be live, and wander across the newly laid deck floor to enjoy an evening out not far from home.
Bread and Market, the first of the seven projected eateries to open, offers gourmet food in one cozy corner of the erstwhile market.
Having recently sampled the food and the warm welcome, I can unhesitatingly recommend it.
The owner, Amit Kaiser, started the evening off on the right foot by pouring us a generous glass of Montefiore red wine, which helped dispel the winter chill. Hot on the heels of the wine, a small glass of chai appeared, warm and laden with cinnamon.
For appetizers, we sampled three of the six listed on the menu. We chose salmon carpaccio, tuna rissoles and roasted eggplant.
The thinly sliced raw salmon was aesthetically arranged as a wheel on the plate and topped with mixed leaves. The wasabi and soy dressing made it very special – a real delicacy (NIS 38). The tuna rissoles were made from canned fish and were good – light yet full of body – and they came in a slightly spiced sauce good for all palates (NIS 36).
For a change, the ubiquitous grilled eggplant was served with red pepper sauce and feta cheese cubes instead of the more usual tehina. It had a great smoky flavor and was a very satisfying dish (NIS 34).
For the main course, my companion chose a whole baked trout (NIS 95), which was served in the paper in which it was baked. It was succulent and delicious, and no doubt the large quantity of fresh cream in the sauce helped to create this gourmet dish. The fresh green beans alongside were crunchy and still green, a good sign.
I chose the pad Thai, a dish of noodles with tofu. This is a true vegetarian comfort food, and I loved the taste of the fresh ginger that permeated it (NIS 46).
Other main course options are fish and chips (NIS 52), salmon (NIS 60) and chreime (NIS 62).
Then we were persuaded to try the desserts. The French toast was very good: a doorstep chunk of fluffy white bread dipped in egg and lightly fried. The maple syrup served with it was very standard, and Kaiser promised to get a superior brand for next time.
The chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream was a totally divine concoction – probably one of the best chocolate desserts I have ever tasted.
If all the other eateries live up to the standard set by Bread and Market, the Kfar Saba shuk will soon be the busiest place in town.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Bread and Market
Kosher dairy
Kfar Saba shuk
Tel: (09) 955-5070
Sunday to Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to midnight
Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturday night, from the end of Shabbat to midnight