Grapevine: Huldai facing flak

Residents of the Gindi complex in Tel Aviv now have to take an 18-minute detour to enter and exit.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
TEL AVIV Mayor Ron Huldai is coming in for a lot of flak. Actress and singer Hani Nachmias, who moved to Tel Aviv two years ago and lives in the Gindi complex in Sarona, posted an angry message to Huldai on her Facebook page, complaining bitterly about the inconsiderate manner in which the city issues building permits. The municipality has blocked the front entrance to the residential tower, meaning that residents who want to enter or exit have to take a detour that entails an 18-minute walk. But that’s not all. A fire broke out recently in one of the apartments. All the residents were asked to exit the building. Thankfully the fire was contained, but if it had spread, wrote Nachmias, it is possible that people would have been killed or seriously injured.
Huldai is also coming in for criticism for responding to Tel Aviv’s housing crisis with a plan to build apartments and commercial centers underground. The construction glut in Tel Aviv is amazing, with residential towers and office blocks reaching ever higher. But Tel Aviv is running out of land on which to build, and the solution as envisaged by Huldai is to go underground, where there is no natural light and where anyone who has a vitamin D deficiency would have to take a triple dose of supplements.
Urban planning experts are opposed to the idea because it will leave no room for underground car parks. As a result of all the construction that is currently visible, there is not enough room for all the cars on the roads, and it’s going to get a lot worse before – if ever – it gets better.
FORMER NEW York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is chairman of Greenberg Traurig’s Cybersecurity Privacy and Crisis Management Practice, a factor that brings him to Israel several times a year, will be the 100th guest speaker in the Tel Aviv International Salon’s series of top decision-makers speaking with TLV young professionals. The talk will take place at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Wednesday, June 28, at 9 a.m.
During a visit to Israel prior to the US presidential election, Giuliani had every confidence that Donald Trump would win. It was rumored that Giuliani would join the Trump administration, but the former mayor believes in being his own man.
THERE’S A popular misconception that Israelis do not want to work in menial jobs. But considering that 300 people participated in a conference on [email protected] Live at the Tel Aviv Hilton this week, it shows that Israel has job attractions and aspirations beyond hi-tech. The moderator was stage and screen personality Guy Zu-Aretz, host of the TV series Survivor. The 300 participants, who are all studying hotel hospitality at various universities in the country, realize that even if they start at the bottom rung of the hotel business, they have a chance to one day become a general manager. The conference was held in conjunction with the Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria.
FOR ISRAEL’S Moroccan community, all roads will lead to the Dead Sea in mid-July. The four-day Moriccada, featuring some of Israel’s most beloved entertainers of Moroccan background, will be a festival of Moroccan Jewish culture and tradition, such as a henna ceremony. Heading the list of entertainers is the ageless Raymonde Abecassis, who was one of the favorite singers of the king of Morocco.
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