How about a Lego Seder plate?

Add some unconventional items to your Passover shopping list this year.

Lego seder plate (photo credit: JBRICK.COM)
Lego seder plate
(photo credit: JBRICK.COM)
Eight boxes of matza? Check. Two cases of wine? Got it.
Everyone has a checklist when it comes to preparing for Passover, but this year, you might want to consider adding a few more unexpected items to the shopping list.
Over on, a site specializing in Jewish-themed Lego kits (yep, that’s a real thing), you can pick up a Lego Seder plate – some assembly required, of course.
On, you can buy a set of 10 nail decals perfect for Seder night – as each nail gets decorated to suit one of the 10 plagues. So if you’ve ever wanted frog or locust nail art, Midrash Manicures has the set for you.
There’s nothing quite as symbolic of Passover as matza – love it or hate it, it’s a central part of the Seder night and the whole week of festivities. So it’s no surprise that matza-themed accessories are all the rage, from aprons to potholders, yarmulkes, , baby bibs and even boxers.
But the trend even extends to jewelry – at, women can get matza ball soup earrings, and men can order a pair of affordable matza cuff links on Etsy.
Really though, Seder night is meant to be all about the children, so it makes sense to buy a few toys and games to liven things up.
If you check out J. Levine Co. Judaica, you can find a 10 plagues , which will keep the kids distracted from the fact that dinner is still two hours away.
And if there’s one thing we know about the plague of the frogs, it’s that those amphibians were “everywhere” – even in the water the Egyptians were trying to drink. So a set of frog drinking straws from Eichlers will make the experience all the more authentic.
Are these gifts all a bit too mainstream for your tastes? Then brace yourselves – because what hostess wouldn’t like to be gifted matza ball soup... soap. That’s right, genuine glycerin soap made in the shape of a piping-hot bowl of matza ball soup can be yours on Etsy.
But with all that matza, well, your digestive system will likely be in a real state by the end of the week. To that end, you might want to pick up a matza-printed at J. Levine, printed with the liberating phrase: “Let My People Go!”