Leonardo Plaza Netanya

A classic hotel near the promenade.

Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Netanya (photo credit: Courtesy)
Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Netanya
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Located near the promenade of the ever-growing city, Netanya, Leonardo Plaza Hotel is the perfect combination of elegance and tradition – something that never goes out of style.
In short: This revamped hotel was built on the ruins of the mythological hotel, Goldar, which was formerly known as Netanya’s most in-demand tourist destination. Confession: it was my first time in Netanya (sad, but true). But, I must say I was pleasantly surprised, Netanya is a great place to stay. I especially loved The Ha’atzmaut Square. I felt like I was abroad. Or maybe it was because of the many French people who live there? Beats me. All I know is that Netanya is my new location for vacation.
The rooms: Aside from the instantly likeable interior design, you’ll find comfortable and spacious rooms, 170 in totas (including nine suits). They all have modern touches like large plasma screen TVs, air conditioning, a mini bar and free WiFi. Bathrooms are well equipped with a beautiful set of bath products, slippers and bath robes (nothing’s complete without bath robes).
Eating & Drinking: A continental breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant, where fresh coffee (cappuccino, to be precise), eggs cooked to your taste, a selection of cheeses, and a bunch of yummy salads are served. As for dinner, there’s a buffet of options to choose from - grilled chicken, asado, beef, fish fillet, soups and more. Something for everyone!
The service: Warm and thoughtful.
The wow factor: Those roomy balconies. During the warmer months of the year, the balcony in the room is the perfect spot to enjoy drinks under the sun. Plus, tanning lovers rejoice! There are tanning beds, too. You don’t need to go all the way to the pool on the eighth floor to get some tan, you can relax in your own balcony, while tanning and sipping drinks. Booya!
What to do:
The lounge in the lobby has an easy elegance that’s perfectly fit for spending a relaxed afternoon.
But, if you wish to explore a little further; the hotel is close to the promenade. Take a long walk by the beach, or enjoy the fresh sea air. Anyway, it’s worth a look.
The Details: Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Ussishkin St 1, Netanya, 03-511-0099.
The writer was a guest of the hotel.