NG in NT

For meat lovers, NG more than fills the bill.

NG restaurant in Neveh Tzedek (photo credit: PR)
NG restaurant in Neveh Tzedek
(photo credit: PR)
Tel Aviv’s Neveh Tzedek neighborhood has a unique charm, featuring old buildings next to modern renovated houses, and is inhabited by people from all walks of life. It is also blessed with plenty of high-quality restaurants offering diverse cuisines. If a good entrecote and a boutique wine are what you crave, NG is the place. I had visited it about 11 months ago and, being very impressed at the time, I was curious to see if the standard was still as good, having recommended the eatery highly to my dining companion.
Easy to find and with adequate parking in the vicinity, the restaurant is located on the first floor of a tastefully decorated old house.
The restaurant is on the small side, warm and welcoming, with wooden furniture. There is an enclosed terrace that is a smoking area, and there’s a long, well-equipped bar with high stools in the main dining room.
Both Hebrew and English menus are available, and the day’s specials are detailed by the attentive waiters.
An extensive wine list from the best Israeli boutique wineries is offered at reasonable prices, by the bottle or the glass. We chose an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon from a Jerusalem Hills winery to accompany our meal.
We started with the NG pizza (NIS 48) – chopped entrecote, suluguni cheese, artichoke and roasted cherry tomatoes. The pizza was small and perfectly formed, with a traditional thin crust and lots of topping. It was really delicious.
This was followed by the delicatessen plate (NIS 55) – shavings of smoked meat with mustard. The meat was flavorful but a little on the fatty side.
NG’s thick and crusty house bread (NIS 22) and garlic confit and olives helped cleanse the palate between courses.
Strangely, the big winner in the appetizer category at this hardcore meat restaurant was the tomato salad (NIS 48). It consisted of Hameiri goat’s cheese, cherry tomatoes, radishes, green onions and basil. We were impressed by how refreshing it was.
The main courses are what the restaurant is famous for. Porterhouse, prime rib, entrecote, sirloin, rump and hanger steak are offered, in addition to hamburgers and lamb spare ribs.
For mains, we were presented with an entrecote steak (NIS 46 per 100 gr.). We were not disappointed. In fact, we were more than impressed.
The entrecote was the tastiest and most tender that I’ve eaten in recent memory. Accompanied by mashed potato and green beans, the dish would have been enough for a meal in itself.
Not to be outdone, the next course we had was the 300 gr. rump steak (NIS 125). It was very juicy and flavorful. A great piece of meat, generous in proportion and well seasoned.
For dessert we tried the strawberry pie. The buttery flakiness of the crust, the consistency of the fruit with its perfect balance of sweet and tart, and the dollop of pistachio ice cream nestling against it were, in a word, heaven.
All in all, it was a superb dining experience. The service was great, the food was excellent, and the ambience was very sophisticated for a traditional steakhouse. I must say we were in a food coma by the time we were done, but it will definitely not be our last time at NG.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Not kosher
6 Ahad Ha’am St., Tel Aviv
Tel: (03) 516-7888