‘Post’ leads the way with new podcast

Frontlines broadcast gives insider perspective on what’s going on behind the headlines.

JPost podcast logo (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
JPost podcast logo
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
The Jerusalem Post has once again broken digital barriers with its new Frontlines Podcast, the first original podcast of an Israeli newspaper.
“The Jerusalem Post is the largest media group in the Jewish world, and as such, makes sure to bring readers the most advanced technology in order to provide access to content in every way, shape and form,” said CEO Ronit Hasin-Hochman.
“We are proud to be the first Israeli newspaper to introduce this technology, and hope to continue to be at the technological forefront for our loyal readers.”
The weekly podcast, which features recorded interviews with the Post’s top reporters, columnists and editors, as well as outside experts and politicians, gives the JPost audience an opportunity to get an insider perspective on what’s going on behind the headlines.
“In Israel’s reality, people tend to jump from one headline to the next, from a riot here to an explosion there. Through the podcast we are offering our readers a chance to get an in-depth look on current events at their convenience,” said Nati Gabbay, managing editor of JPost.com.
To the uninitiated, podcasts are like radio shows for your mobile phone. People can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes on their computers or using their favorite podcast apps on their smartphone or tablet. When new episodes are available, they download automatically, so listeners can enjoy the program at their convenience.
Instead of just listening to the radio, people have turned to podcasts so they can focus on the content they love, and listen to it on their commute, at the gym, while making dinner, or just sitting at their computers.
“We absorb information differently when we hear it, as opposed to reading it on the page or screen,” said Niv Elis, who initiated the project, and, along with fellow host Tamara Zieve, writes, records, produces and edits the weekly episodes.
“I thought the audio format would be a great opportunity to give our readers more access to the incredible journalists we have working at the paper and get some of the perspective that you can’t get in an article,” he added.
The Frontlines Podcast, notes JPost VP Digital and Business Development Maor Davidovich, is part of a larger digital strategy that has included an innovative new website, daily video newscasts, mobile apps for Apple and Android, an email newsletter, and an electronic version of the print edition.
“As part of the digital strategy, we identified a need from iOS users, and decided to make our content available through this channel,” said Davidovich, noting that the podcast already has thousands of downloads.