Sarah Silverman says won't get married until all couples can

Outspoken comedian likens tying the knot to joining a country club that excludes Jews or black people.

Sarah Silverman opens up about marriage
Sarah Silverman is holding off on wedding bells – for now! The American comedian-turned-actress stood up for marriage equality on Wednesday, saying she won't walk down the aisle until marriage is legal for everyone.
"Who would?" the outspoken funny-woman, who is Jewish, said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I mean…I love when my friends get married and I'm so happy for them. But I just don't understand the instinct to want to join a club that is elitist."
Plopping into an off-white sofa chair beside twin coffee tables made of giant tree stumps, Silverman likened tying the knot to joining "a country club" that ostracizes Jews or black people. "What’s the difference?" she asked longtime host Ellen DeGeneres, who responded, "Well thank you, I appreciate that!" That prompted the Burbank studio – decked with white petalled-orchids, potted plants and a poster of a sparkling Los Angeles skyline – to burst into cheers.
DeGeneres "came out of the closet" as a lesbian in 1997. Joking that she spoke for "all gays," the effervescent talk show host said Silverman's "vocal" support for legalizing same-sex marriage – an issue currently being battled in the US Supreme Court – was "admirable."
Most American states, 37, now allow gay marriage, while it is banned – via constitutional amendments – in 13. The US Supreme Court is due to decide this month whether to legally recognize gay and lesbian couples nationwide in what is shaping up to be the year's most anticipated ruling.
"And besides," Silverman quipped, "I don’t know that I would want to get the government involved in my love, personally."
The 44-year-old provocateur, who has long trumpeted gay rights, has been dating Welsh actor Michael Sheen since early 2014. The pair, first spotted together in Hollywood last February, "like almost none of the same things," she said, poking fun at her relationship with the Masters of Sex TV star.
For instance, while Sheen loves magic, Silverman feels that "if you think that magicians are really magic, you should maybe not be able to vote" – a joke trailed with laughter from the upbeat audience.
Wednesday's appearance was the first for the I Smile Back actress on the Emmy-winning daytime show.