Not so regal behavior: Saudi princess allegedly orders guard to kill French decorator

Saudi blue blood's temper becomes red-blooded in alleged abuse of Parisian artisan.

Paris, France (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)
Paris, France
(photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)
A princess from Saudi Arabia has allegedly departed from noble behavior in an episode in which she berated and threatened to kill a Parisian artisan who was decorating her palatial apartment in the French capital, local media reported this week.
According to French media, police were investigating reports that the Gulf state's royal family member told her security guard that "you have to kill this dog, he doesn't deserve to live."
French magazine Le Point's website reported the said victim's account of the ordeal, which apparently unfolded after the painter used his smart phone to snap photographs of his project in the royal's residence.
While the craftsman said he had taken the photographs so as to remember the placement of furniture and items moved during his work, the princess accused him of planning to sell the images to the media.
According to Le Point, the Saudi princess then summoned her bodyguard and order him to beat the decorator and bind his hands and feet together.
The princess, who is allegedly related to Saudi Arabia's late King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, then allegedly made her victim kneel and kiss her feet.
Le Point cited police officers who collected testimony from the bruised painter, who said the ordeal had lasted nearly four hours before a third man intervened and ordered to him leave, not before making a photocopy of the decorator's ID card.
The decorator was reportedly asking for 20,000 euros in damages, including  the loss of his equipment which the Saudis allegedly kept.