Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of September 30, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Your sense of fair play grows stronger as this week progresses.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
To all my family, friends and readers: Shanah tovah u’metukah

Things are finally looking up and you feel much more in control and confident. There is still a great deal which must be attended to, but you are definitely on the right track. When discussing expansion with your partner or mate, don’t skip over the fine points. Sometimes it is the little things which have the greatest affect. Time spent with a water sign will bring you peace of mind and help deepen the friendship. Financially you continue watching the situation carefully.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana take some time to consider your own needs, for a change.


You will appreciate your connection with a Taurus as the week brings you in closer contact. You actually have a lot more in common than you thought and work very well together. Between their stability and your intuition you make an interesting team. Financially you have the feeling that you are stuck in the same place and no matter how much you try you simply can’t push forward. Embrace this period and learn from your mistakes as you appreciate your successes.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you may find yourself thinking a great deal of those who are no longer with you.

Your strict adherence to the slower, more complicated path is about to bear fruit and all those sleepless nights will become a thing of the past. The people you come into contact now understand you and are ready and quite willing to jump on board and share the journey. You have done your homework and the time has come to trust your instincts and move forward. Financially you are working hard to balance your check book.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana family and friends remind you just how lucky you are and how the glass is truly half full and getting fuller.

A burst of energy is just what you need to push you along to finalizing a project which has waited in the shadows for far too long. You will make your deadline and learn that sometimes it is better to finish the work quickly than to have it staring at you every time you look at your shelf. Financially all is moving smoothly and you will even have some funds left over to pamper yourself and someone dear. Don’t waste time on what could have been. Turn the page and enjoy filling it in with new and exciting events.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you will feel gratified and satisfied as people you regard highly are full of compliments.

Although you are not ready to make a serious change in your life, you are ready to begin checking your options. Once you make your mind up you will be amazed at just how many choices you have to pick from. Don’t rush you have plenty of time and besides it isn’t that things are bad but rather that you wish to make a few changes which will enhance the status quo. Financially sudden expenses have put a drain on your savings but this will shortly be rectified as all goes back to normal.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana faraway places and people are on your mind and now is a good time to reconnect with a friend or loved one living abroad.

You have the feeling that things are moving ever so slowly leaving you frustrated and exhausted. Take a step back and reassess your goals. The extra time you have right now is just what you need in order to get back your strength and stamina and prepare for a new work load which is on the way. Financially family obligations continues to drain your savings, but you are prepared and not surprised.
The middle of this week is a good time for relaxing with a family member who you are particularly close to. This Rosh HaShana your intuition will be strong and you will know exactly what to say to lighten the mood and make the holiday special.

Professionally you are anxious to make your move and be back in control once again. Unfortunately there are a few more items which need to be ticked off your list before you are free. In the meantime use this jolt of energy to your advantage and enjoy some one-on-one time with a very close friend. Financially things are not yet where you wish them to be, but if you are honest with yourself the situation is much better than you feared.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you will be happy to spend some quiet time with your partner or mate. Good food, good company and some peaceful moments after everyone leaves.

All the pieces are beginning to fall into place and soon you will be able to finalize a decision concerning your career. A perfectionist in all you do, you are not satisfied with on ninety percent of what you want and need. You may not have all the answers, but you are certainly accumulating some interesting questions. Slowly as you work everything out you will know the moment when you are ready to make your move. Financially you continue watching your bank balance and replacing the funds you had to spend on gifts and other obligations.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you will enjoy spending time with family in an old traditional manner which suits you just fine.

MAY 21-JUNE 21
This is a perfect week for all forms of communication be it verbal or written. You not only have taken center stage but have amassed a captive audience who are anxiously waiting to hear what you have to say. Do your homework and if you don’t mean it, then don’t say it as people will take you literally right now. Financially things could be better, but they are not nearly as bad as you envisioned. That does not mean, however that you can no go out on a mad shopping spree.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you will prefer something more creative and inventive over the traditional holidays of the past.

You are much busier these days and need to budget your time carefully in order to get everything done on time. The many projects you have set for yourself are slowly but surely being tackled and each one brings you pleasure in a different way. Some demand creativity, others a sense of humor and a few command you pay attention to the fine details. All in all, you are fulfilling some of your goals. Financially things are finally picking up and you can begin to rest easily.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you prefer to enjoy family and very close friends while quietly remembering those who are not with you.

Your financial situation has your full attention as you work diligently to fill up the coffers once again and begin to put some money aside for a possible trip later on this year. Time spent at home is actually very pleasant right now and this is the time to relax and unwind. Soon you will be so busy that you will be happy you recharged your batteries while you had the chance. There are a handful of people you are extremely close to and this is the week for a reunion!
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you need to be surrounded by your immediate family. And if some are far away to connect just to hear their voices.

Things are working well for you as you enjoy time with old friends and new. You have an abundance of energy and find it difficult just sitting around doing nothing. Try not to take this to the extreme as you tend to over-do once you have your mind set on something. Financially you know what you have, what you want to have and how you are going to go about reaching your goals. Time spent with your partner or mate is exactly what you need when looking for a second opinion.
HINT: This Rosh Hashana you recognize how lucky you are as the good far outweighs everything else.