Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of August 12, 2016

Tip of the week: :Your search for knowledge is limitless at this time. However, in your enthusiasm, you may reveal too much. Choose your words carefully.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Money and finances continue to dominate your thoughts, and even though you know you are stretched to the limit you continue to trust in luck. One rose is as effective a gift as a dozen! You have many wonderful ideas and are willing to share with anyone who is willing to listen. Your vast experience not only opens doors, but provides an eager audience. This is the perfect week for working on a creative project as the obstacles which have held you back are finally beginning to disappear.
HINT: Take the time this weekend to sort out your thoughts and feelings.
You are so busy this week with how you personally feel and want that you may have lost your perspective on what is realistically attainable.
Always ready to make personal sacrifices, you sometimes expect the same behavior from those closest to you, and, most of the time, you are disappointed and angry. Few, if any, can match you but that does not mean they aren’t trying.
HINT: Financially all is well and you can begin to consider making a major purchase such as a new car, renovating or even moving to a new home.
The scale continues to waver and tip up and down as you continue trying to get some balance into your life. You are definitely on the right track, but sometimes life simply gets in the way causing a shift in your plans. Time spent with your partner or mate is always a joy as together you build a strong and solid relationship. Financially you are doing your best and are watching your bank balance very carefully.
HINT: When dealing with a Virgo, listen carefully as this person really knows what they are talking about. Then when the time is right you will assess all and make up your own mind.
Even though you may be itching for a verbal fight, you need to consider carefully the consequences of your actions.
Once a word is spoken it will reverberate in the air for a very long time. If, after a few days, you still feel the same, then follow your heart. The middle portion of this week is perfect for entertaining at home. It’s time you had a little party! Financially things are finally beginning to move and whatever it was that has been holding you back is starting to dissipate leaving the path clear.
: Your relationship with a Sagittarius is never boring.
You have so much on your mind. You have questioned your motives. Asked yourself countless questions as what it is you really want and need. You have spoken to the experts and now you need to sit quietly and make your decision. Whatever you decide, remember you have done your homework well. Trust yourself. The time is right for you to make your move. Even baby steps are something!
HINT: Financially you continue to watch your situation very carefully and should be very proud of a job extremely well done. Soon you will feel a release from some of the pressure.
Although you have had the feeling for months that things are not going your way, actually the opposite is true. If you are honest with yourself you will see that you have gained a great deal…personally, professionally and even monetarily.
Things may not have gone exactly as you had planned, but that isn’t anything new. Faith not fear. All will soon fall gently into place, and the wait will be well worth it. Financially things are rather tight due to a major purchase you made this year, but other than that all is going according to plan.
: A talk with an elderly member of your family will warm your heart.
You have a great deal to think about these days and are beginning to ask yourself some important questions concerning your career.
In the weeks and months to come you will have enough time to check your feelings and see what options are available. Up to this point you have not erred and you won’t make a mistake in the future. Believe in yourself, everyone else does. Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect days for taking care of personal business and even for pampering yourself for a change.
: Financially all is moving according to plan.
You are tired and need some time where you can be alone with your thoughts. Unfortunately, family obligations continue to take up most of your spare time leaving you feeling frustrated and upset.
Stand your ground and walk away.
Take your laptop and go to your favorite coffee shop where you can be invisible in a crowd yet not alone.
HINT: Financially things continue to be rather tight right now and it is not easy for you watch your spending so carefully. Soon all will ease up and, once again you will breathe easier where money is concerned.
The time is right for you to take a little vacation and forget work, the office, the bank and everything else. A few weeks off will help you put some balance back into your life. Time spent alone with people you care about will remind you just why you are working so hard. In the weeks to come new ideas and opportunities will arise which will get your engines revving once again.
: Financially all is as you thought it would be. That does not mean that you are yet in the place you wish to be where money is concerned. But, you are on your way.
You enjoy working with your hands, be it writing, gardening, baking and cooking, or even building something.
Your creativity is boundless and you take great pride in a job well done…no matter how big or small. People are attracted to you by your intelligence and kindness and you are blessed with many good friends and colleagues.
Time spent this week with your partner or mate is exactly what you need to relax and enjoy some down time.
Together you fit like a hand in a glove…each bringing something special and different to the relationship.
HINT: Financially all is in order.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You have so many things on your mind and you continue flitting from one idea to the other.
Get grounded if you really want to accomplish something. You have the talent, the knowledge, the contacts and the reputation. Calm down and decide. Then, don’t waste time questioning your decision. Financially things are never as you would hope they were, but you are watching your spending and beginning to save a bit.
: Time spent with your partner or mate will be much more productive this week as once again you are on the same page.
Things are moving along and you have become very protective of any private time you have for yourself… even choosing who you are willing to spend time with, how long to talk on the phone and where you want to go.
It has been so very long since you had any free time that you are enjoying it to the fullest. Financially things are far from where you would like them to be, but soon all will be back to normal and once again you will be able to put some money aside.
HINT: As always, family and close friends are your joy.