Star catcher: Astrology for the week of August 19, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Difficult week to say no to yourself. Plan accordingly.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
This week you will be dealing with so many changes in mood, ups and downs, that your usual belief in yourself will be shaken. Not one to overly express emotions, you will feel rather fragile and not certain of what to do, don’t fight it. This shakedown in your usual rigidity is just what you need in order to break out and discover new horizons. Financially you always worry even though you know all is moving according to plan.
HINT: Trust your partner or mate. This person always has your back.
Your thoughts turn to the past and you feel rather emotional about what has been and what has been lost. You are a wiser and better person these days and the experiences you gained along the way will serve you well in the months to come.
Your fairness and your ability to understand both sides of a story makes you an honest negotiator and your services will be greatly in demand as the months go by. Financially you are far from your goal, but getting there, slowly but surely.
HINT: Your relationship with a Sagittarius is much less demanding now.
You are so busy these days that if you don’t have a private secretary, or keep complete notes concerning times and places there is simply no way you will remember all the fine details. Back up your computer and check before taking on anything new. Great week to arrange important meetings with an earth sign as this person is now much more receptive and ready to listen than they were in the past. Financially you are experiencing a little relief but that does not mean you can go one a shopping frenzy.
You have been very p r e s s u r e d financially over the past few months and this is the time to do something about it. You have done your homework and all that remains is to trust your judgement and make your move. You will know when the time is right. A conversation with your partner or mate is exactly what you need in order to see things from a much different perspective.
Together you make an awesome team .Your career is much brighter right now and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and bigger.
HINT: Problems which have been holding you back are lessening daily.
You may have the feeling that things are not going your way, but the truth is that you are being guided toward a new direction which will bring you more joy than you had anticipated.
Trust yourself. Your partner or mate stands firmly with you and is a great source of support and security. Financially all is moving according to plan and you may even discover that you have enough left over this month to pamper yourself and someone dear to you.
HINT: Doors which you felt were closed in the past are beginning to open and soon you will realize that the wait was really worthwhile.
On the one hand things are going according to plan, but on the other hand you feel rather bored. It isn’t that you are wasting your time exactly, but, rather that you aren’t using your skills to the fullest. In the weeks to come you will examine your situation further and that is when you will make a decision.
Financially all is well. When speaking to your partner or mate, once again you will recognize just how special your relationship is. So different and yet so much the same.
HINT: Money and mutual family property may come up for discussion, so do your homework as everyone will turn to you for advice.
You are simply tired…tired from running around taking care of everything; tired of trying to sort out the problems of an elderly member of your family and tired of doing all this in the heat which you find draining and exhausting. Stop! Nothing will happen if you simply say NO and do what is good for you for a change. You need the break and need to catch up on some much needed rest. A conversation with another water sign will help you to understand some feelings you’ve been keeping bottled up inside.
Financially things are tight still and you need to continue being careful where money is concerned.
This is your week to begin working on a new project which will eventually bring you not only financial success, but great personal satisfaction as well. Be wary of someone who smiles easily but avoids eye contact as not everyone who professes to be your friend really is. Financially things are as you had planned and you know what needs to be done in order to complete the month without getting too far into debt.
HINT: When speaking to your partner or mate be honest and open.
This is the person you can trust to keep your secrets while helping you to see some of the things you might have missed along the way.
This is your time to entertain and be entertained.
You need to shine and feel special. As well you should! This week gather the people you enjoy the most and simply have fun! Not one to take unusual chances, you will find the crack which will let the sunshine in. Financially all is well. Your relationship with a Virgo has always been interesting, frustrating and rather intimidating at times.
But now the shoe is on the other foot.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for taking care of personal business, so leave some time free.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
A great deal of activity is centered around your home this week and although you will be busy doing things you would have preferred to avoid, in the end you will be happy you participated. The relationships you build today will last a lifetime and it is up to you to make the first move. When speaking to a person of authority listen carefully before you speak. Sometimes you are so anxious to get your view and concept heard that you forget the other person’s opinion. HINT: Financially things are a little tight right now so be careful and don’t trust to luck or to tomorrow. If you don’t have the cash, walk away.
This is the week for you to start writing your bestseller, for signing up for a course or two you have been wanting to take, to buying something bright and expensive to wear or, for moving your furniture around in order to make room for a new lamp or picture. You need light and if it can’t be the sun than enjoy the moon. You work best near water or late at night when all around you is quiet and serene. Money is tight at the moment to tighten your belt and keep your hands out of your wallet.
HINT: A conversation with a very young member of your family will make you smile all week.
Money and finances and then money once again. The problem isn’t that you are unaware of your situation, but rather that your family plus other unexpected expenses keep erasing all your savings.
This is the time for you to pull back before you really have to worry about your financial situation. The middle portion of this week is a good time for you to take your laptop and sit in your favorite coffee house rather than work at home. The change of scenery is just what you need to jump start your creativity and get the old juices flowing.
HINT: Take advantage of the emotional quiet space around you.