Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of February 24, 2017

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Think carefully before taking a stand. There is still time to retreat, recharge and then react.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Your thoughts turn toward your own personal needs and desires this week as you are finally ready to stop worrying about everyone else and begin enjoying yourself. You have quite a busy schedule and will need to find a window of time in order to begin a new project which has been on your mind lately. Not everyone will understand your motives, but then, not everyone is supposed to. Stay true to yourself and you won’t go wrong.
HINT: Financially things are almost where you wish to be and you are definitely on the right track.
It is always a good idea to remember the past but not such a healthy one to dwell on it. Mistakes were made by many and the learning experience was a bit more difficult than you had imagined, but you aren’t there anymore. Now you are armed better, more experienced, and aware of things which eluded you in the past. Financially you can afford to pamper yourself, but for the time being may prefer to window shop rather than buy.
Time spent with your partner or mate will help you to work out a problem as this person sees things from a much different perspective.
This is a week of communication, conversations, written letters as well as email and you will be busier than usual, so be prepared to be a bit more flexible. You may have to dig into your file cabinet to find the answer you have been seeking, but since you are so well organized that should not prove to be problematic.
When speaking with a water sign, try to remember just how vast their memory is and how deep their sensitivity. The last few days of the week are good for relaxing at home.
HINT: Financially you may be putting out a bit more money than you had anticipated.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You continue to divide your time between personal obligations and professional commitments.
The time has come for you to realize that you can’t carry everything on your own two shoulders and expect to get things done according to your high standards. It is time to call in the troops and get some help. You will be amazed at how simple that will be once you get started. Financially things are always a little tight and this week is no exception.
HINT: As your thoughts revolve around your career and the path you wish to take you will be collecting some much-needed information.
You are beginning to realize that no matter how much you would like to make everyone you love happy, the chances of success are not high. You can only do what you do best… lend a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, a bit of financial assistance and, most of all, unconditional love. Don’t worry.
Things will work out whether you worry or not, so relax. Financially you are nearly where you wish to be and things are beginning to fall into place according to plan.
HINT: When meeting a fire sign take a little step back so you don’t get burned. This person is glowing
There are times when suffering in silence simply does not work and, realistically speaking, you aren’t really good at it. So take a stand.
You don’t have to roar and send everyone running for cover, but you do need to figure out what is bothering you, what you need to change and how you need to go about getting the results you wish without causing too much damage. If anyone can do it, you can! Financially you would be happier with more money stashed away but you are working on it.
HINT: The time for talking with your partner or mate is over. For now just sit and enjoy the quiet you share.
Think twice before you find yourself in a very uncomfortable position.
Words spoken can never be taken back and the repercussions spread on the wind both far and wide. Good intentions will not go far. Take a moment to discuss things with your partner or mate.
This person sees your point of view but has the ability to offer up more than one form of reaching your goal.
HINT: Money and finances are on your mind more than usual this week and now is a good time to sit with a financial adviser and plan your next few moves.
You feel more at peace lately than you have in quite some time. Although you have not reached your goal and recognize the journey yet ahead, you are anxious to continue on your path especially with the wonderful people on your team. A conversation with a sibling always brings you joy and few have the tight relationship that you do.
HINT: Financially you continue to work hard, cutting expenses wherever possible, adding income whenever it becomes available and simply learning to enjoy living within your means.
You have so much on your mind right now and need to take a step back in order to get organized.
If you continue to struggle it would be best to simply reach out to one or two people you trust and ask for help. Not only will they be happy to lend a hand, but it will enable them to repay you a little for all you have done and continue to do for them. The middle portion of this week will provide a window of opportunity for those who take the time to listen. Young people continue to enjoy your company and the more time you spend together, the better.
HINT: Financially you continue to act on the side of caution.
Whenever a door closes a window does open. You have taken a fall and are now in the process of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and moving forward.
The good news is that you have also learned that not only are you not alone but the people you trust the most continue to stand solidly with you. Financially you are much more organized now and are learning more every day. Family and close friends continue to bring you peace of mind and joy, and the more time you spend together, the better.
HINT: An elderly member of your family is so grateful for the time you spend with them.
Even though things may look different than you had expected them to be, don’t worry. You are not only on the right track, but everyone you care about is happily marching down the road with you.
Some people bring you joy when they enter your life and others when they leave. Financially all is well and you have everything under control.
You continue to work long, hard hours but soon will have your last project finished and then you will have time to relax and party.
HINT: Don’t forget to phone a water sign you know. This person misses spending quality time with you.
After pushing yourself forward both personally and professionally this is a good time for relaxing and enjoying the success you have managed to achieve. Soon you will be ready to go on to the next step in your plan, but for now less is more and boring is definitely better. Financially you could save more and when you are ready to cut back a bit, you will. In any event you are well aware of your situation and have everything under control.
HINT: The weekend is a good time for visiting family members and enjoying an evening together reminiscing and sharing stories.