Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of February 26, 2016

Tip for the week: Good time for thinking out of the box!

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
As you take a few moments to reminisce this week you will be pleased to realize that the happy days outweighed the sad and the accomplishments you made overshadowed the setbacks. Now, turn your attention to the future and begin making new memories. Financially you are on target, but still need to watch any unnecessary spending.
Time spent with elderly people may prove to be more taxing than you had anticipated. You are simply stressed from overwork and your patience level is running low.
HINT: A conversation with an air sign will open vistas you hadn’t considered.
Old friends and new are on your mind but take your time before you admit more people into your inner sanctum.
Someone smiles with their mouth but not their eyes or heart. New ideas and opportunities continue to come your way and the less you act in haste the better.
Take the time to meet in private with a person you trust for some serious brainstorming.
HINT: You love being surrounded by beautiful things but get bored easily. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to throw purge and pay for the first shiny thing which strikes your fancy. Remember your budget and stick to it.
Your career is definitely on your mind and although you are ready for a change there is little you can do at this time to push anything forward. Relax and allow the natural flow of things to work their magic. In the end you will not be sorry. You have so many friends, both personally and professionally who are more than willing to lend a hand should it become necessary.
Financially, everything is under control even though you would definitely like a little more in the bank as a cushion.
HINT: Time spent with your partner and/or mate will be exciting and extremely special this week.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
The time is right to consider making a few changes in your career. They don’t have to be major. As a matter of fact even a little adjustment here and there will have a huge impact on how you feel. You need constant stimulus and find it rather boring working on all the infinite facts and figures which need to be dealt with in order to complete a project. When you can’t stand it anymore, speak up. There are plenty of people around you who would be glad to take over.
: Financially you are always close to the line and have trouble sticking to your budget.
For the past few weeks you have been spending a great deal of time dealing with family matters and are the perfect person to lend a shoulder, offer a kind word of advice and a hug when all else fails. Try not to get too emotionally involved. All is well and soon everything will go back to its normal state. Faith not fear should be your motto. A conversation with an air sign will bring a smile to your heart and will renew the warm feelings you both share.
HINT: Financially you need to avoid retail therapy as much as possible.
And, if you are going to spend money, spend it on yourself for a change.
This is the week for working together with your partner and/or mate as lately you have discovered just how much fun it is co-operating on a project of mutual interest.
They have the logic, you have the flare and the end result is fantastic! Financially you really are trying to cut down on unnecessary spending and your bank balance is beginning to bloom.
HINT: The beginning of the week is a perfect time for relaxing at home after a busy day rather than going out with friends and family. You need the down time to unload and let your mind relax.
You feel a lot calmer these days and enjoy spending time with your partner and/or mate working out family issues and planning for the future.
Together you make an undeniably strong team, especially now that you are a little more flexible and open to a different opinion. Financially things are fine but you are not nearly satisfied with the result. You work hard, save as much as you can and are building for a safe future for yourself and for those you care for.
HINT: Pay attention when working with sharp objects or electrical equipment, especially in and around your home.
Things are moving as planned and you feel even more at peace than you had anticipated. For far too long your life was one of upheaval and commotion. Now that you have surrounded yourself with the kind of people you need, all is calm and pleasant. That does not mean that you don’t have your moments of panic and worry, but now that there is someone to share your fears and insecurities with, they don’t seem so humungous.
HINT: Financially you are not yet where you need to be, but give it time you are definitely on your way.
You enjoy time spent at home and this is the week to consider throwing a party. Nothing large and lavish, but something which will show those closest to you how much you appreciate them. Your partner and/or mate will, once again, be your perfect teammate and together you will be able to create a lovely evening which doesn’t cost a fortune but will provide all that is needed for a happy time. Financially you are definitely on the right track and can afford to spend a bit more right now.
HINT: An important meeting may be postponed but not cancelled.
You have begun to learn how to harness some of your energy and focus on what is necessary rather than spread yourself too thin.
Both family and close friends have noticed the difference and are happy to have the ‘old you’ back. Someone you come into contact with like a co-worker or a neighbor may be taking advantage of your good nature and it will be up to you to establish some working boundaries in order to maintain a good relationship.
HINT: Financially you are careful and there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.
Life has definitely not been boring lately and although you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle at your disposal you certainly have enough to begin building or even rebuilding. Your partner and/ or mate may need a little reassuring at this time and there is no one they need more than you. Be patient and helpful even if you can’t fully understand why it is necessary. Financially you are a bit stressed but nothing you hadn’t expected.
HINT: Thursday is a perfect day for getting away and pampering yourself… and, don’t think of the cost!
Good thoughts and good feelings are your companions this week as you enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places. You have worked so hard for so long that it is unusual for you to take a little time away from your desk. Financially you may have to watch your spending this week in order to have enough by the end of the month.
Nothing to worry about but it is good to keep you finger on the pulse of the situation.
HINT: Time spent with your partner and/or mate will be especially special as you continue supporting each other.