Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of February 27, 2015

What does this week hold for you?

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Super-sensitive so take things with a grain of salt.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You will find as this week progresses that you are changing your attitude concerning your career as, once again, you enjoy the excitement of a new project while feeling satisfaction over a project just completed. Time spent with another air sign may not be as productive as you had planned, but will still be worth the effort. When dealing with a younger member of your family, remember just how much this person looks up to you.
HINT: Financially you may need to get some help in order to put your bookwork in order, so call in the experts rather than try to tackle it on your own.
You enjoy the company of good friends and col - leagues and time spent together is just what you need in order to relax from a busy work day. Financially you have everything under con - trol, but that does not mean you are not interested in increasing your income as thoughts pertain - ing to your career and future goals are on your mind. Monday and Tuesday are good days for taking some time off to relax and enjoy some quiet time at home.
HINT: There is a certain person in your life and this is a good time for doing something special together.
Your thoughts pop in and out of your mind so quickly that there are moments when you can’t remember what you were about to do. Take some time to jot them down. You will be making some important decisions in the months to come and will be glad you have hard copy of what you were thinking. Your partner and/or mate continues to amaze you with their understanding and flexibility when it comes to your needs. Soon you will be able to surprise this person with something special in return.
HINT: You have come to terms with the past and are now ready to walk toward your future.
Your intuition is high and when in doubt trust your feelings.
You have so many ideas and this is the time to eke out a pocket of space in order to organize your thoughts. If that is impossible at home, then find a quiet corner in your favorite coffee shop.
Once you begin, all will fall gently into place. Try not to get drawn into the family drama that is spiraling around you. Financially you are on top of the situation and soon will be able to buy something special for yourself that you have been wanting for months.
HINT: Good weekend to catch up on some much needed rest.
Although you continue to worry about your financial situation, the rest of your life seems to be moving according to plan. Professionally you are well liked and respected and more and more people turn to you for advice and counsel. And, on a personal level the people closest to you bring you a sense of joy and se - curity you haven’t felt for quite some time. A conversation with an air sign will give you a lot to think about and there may be a future project in store for you both.
HINT: Someone living far away is on your mind and this is a good time to make contact.
Your relationship with a family member leaves much to be desired and this is the time for you to put yourself in the other person’s shoes...examine the situation again and to be as flexible as possible. The relationship is important to you both and with a little care will soon be back to normal. You continue to think carefully about your financial situation and will have the money you need when the time comes.
HINT: By the middle portion of the week you will be ready to relax and take care of your own needs for a change.
This is a week of contemplation rather than action and, for a change, you enjoy the quiet time. Although there are still some pieces missing from the final picture, you are getting closer to working out in your mind what you want and how you want to go about achieving your goals. Other people are free with their advice, but the final decision and time table will be yours alone. Family is always important and any time you are together is a party.
HINT: Financially you are pleased with all you have achieved, but this is not the time for mad retail therapy.
The lines of communication between yourself and your partner and/or mate are open and clear and this is the time for pleasant talks and even some brainstorming about future plans. When dealing with a Virgo, remember that this person is not nearly as sensitive as you are but that does not mean they don’t have your best interest at heart. Good week for all forms of research as you are ready to dig deep to find the answers to some of your questions.
HINT: Financially you continue working hard in order to have some money put aside for a future trip or major purchase.
The time has come for you to put your own needs above those of everyone else. You have much on your mind and are ready to make some changes in your life. Not one to act in haste, you continue to think things out very carefully and when the time is right you will know what you have to do. Be patient as it may take a little more time than you had planned. Financially you are manag - ing well, but would like to have a bit more extra cash available at the end of the month.
HINT: A conversation with your partner and/or mate will help you see things you may have overlooked.
Money and finances are on your mind as many expenses are coming in the next few months. You are aware of what you need and are planning accordingly, so don’t worry. Try to find some time to spend with family members. Over the past few months you have been so very busy that family time has been extremely limited. Time spent with a Sagittarius is becoming much more pleasant as you discover just how much you have in common.
HINT: Friday and Saturday are days for staying at home and catching up on some much needed rest.
Pay attention to your spending this week as this is not a good time for making any unnecessary or expensive pur - chases. Find the time to work on some important projects now as in the coming week your schedule will be full of meetings and social obligations. Time spent with your partner and/or mate is just what you need to relax and enjoy each oth - er’s company. Together you make a fabulous team.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are perfect days for taking care of things at home and rather than try to fix things yourself, call in the experts.
You won’t be sorry.
You continue working very hard and time speeds by as you continue to get closer to your goal.
You may not be a team player this week, but you are certainly available to anyone who needs a helping hand or a little advice. A natural teacher you have the patience to explain in terms that everyone can understand. Before adding yet another project to your already busy schedule, take a step back and ask some important questions. You may be best served by waiting.
HINT: Your family is a constant source of support and time spent with them puts balance back into your life.